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What is cellulitis? Reasons of developing of cellulitis.

statistically, are not by hearsay familiar with cellulitis to 85% of women. This disease - not only a cosmetic, but also medical problem. Existence orange-peel in most cases demonstrates that the organism owing to any reasons ceased to function normally, these or those violations appeared.

Cellulitis occurs both at very young thin girls, and at middle-aged fatties. Provokers there can be a hormonal imbalance, developments of stagnation in blood circulation, improper feeding (constant fast - foot, a lack of vegetable food), an inactive way of life, addictions (the excessive use of alcohol, smoking), hereditary predisposition and even the simple ecology

As you can see, is enough reasons. For this reason there is no uniform panacea for treatment of cellulitis. But competently picked up complexes allow not only to eliminate external manifestations, but also their reason. And then in fight against cellulitis you surely win a victory!

Mechanism of developing of cellulitis.

When fatty cages expand, increase in volume and are pressed in close intervals of connecting fabric, also blood circulation is broken lympho-. There are problems with delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the struck cages, a conclusion of slags and toxins is at a loss. Owing to these changes visible symptoms of cellulitis also appear: skin becomes hilly and uneven - similar to an orange-peel. Experts in the field of beauty and health offer

a set of ways of fight against cellulitis: from cosmetics and physical exercises to high-tech saloon methods and even plastic surgeries.

of the Stage of cellulitis. Experts allocate to

3 stages of cellulitis (some doctors consider one more - an initial stage).

1 - I am a stage. In an initial state skin seems equal. But it is worth straining muscles of hips and buttocks - and the insignificant bugristost becomes visible. At this stage you notice that bruises and grazes began to heal longer, than earlier.

2 - I am a stage. Fatty deposits become more dense. It is easy to notice it: squeeze between big and a forefinger a skin fold - the set of hillocks and dimples appears at once. Some bruises do not disappear at all.

3 - I am a stage. More and more relief roughnesses on skin are well visible even in the weakened state, and the area of affected areas significantly increased.

the Most effective ways of treatment of cellulitis. it is desirable for

to begin Treatment of a tsellyut at early stages of its detection. Efficiency of impact on all stages of cellulitis consists of a komleks of actions which have to be directed to blood circulation improvement, a lymphatic drainage, destructions of tsellyulitny fatty tissue, a balanced diet and removal of a stress.

in the conditions of beauty shop for treatment of cellulitis can be used the following procedures:

For improvement of a shelter - and a limfoobrazovaniye:

Manual massage

of Pnevmomassazh of

Vacuum massage (at all types of massage it is recommended to use creams with menthol, camphor, extracts natural essential oils of grapefruit, tangerine, a horse-chestnut and so forth)

of Kriomassazh and cryotherapy (stimulation of peripheral blood circulation by cold)

Hardware methods: Pressoterapiya`s

(a pulse baroterapiya) of Endermologiya`s

(roller massage with vacuum influence)

the Microcurrent lymphatic drainage

of Miostimulyation (a classical miostimulyation a direct current and pulse currents of various form - peaked, rectangular, trapezoidal with a frequency of 50 - 60 Hz)

of the Wrapping:

Thalassotherapy (a mud, vodoroslevy, clay wrapping) of

Use of bandage from a laminaria (the containing fucus, caffeine, iodine and other anti-cellulite components).

For destruction of tsellyulitny fatty tissue:

Ultrasonic phonocut and ultrasonic lipoliz. (improves penetration of active agents and destroys adipocytes)

Elektrolipoliz (influence by alternating current by means of nalepny or needle electrodes) Dermotoniya`s

(vacuum massage and vacuum a lymphatic drainage) Ozonoterapiya`s

(introduction to problem zones of ozonokislorodny mix for stimulation of a lipoliz, microcirculation and traffic of

fabrics the Mesotherapy (intracutaneous introduction of various cocktails improving a metabolism) of

the Liposuction (lipoaspiration) - radical surgical removal of fatty tissue under anesthetic. Enter two needles into skin fatty cellulose. In treatment of cellulitis there are following types of a liposuction: standard, tumestsentny, ultrasonic and spray

For removal of a stress:

Massages relaksiruyushchy

the Aromatherapy (massages, bathtubs, aromalampa) of

of Spa - procedure (contrast souls, bathtubs, swimming, mud and vodoroslevy wrappings)


the Preparations of internal and external action influencing cellulitis

Brown seaweed, a laminaria

the Fucus, a tsentella, rosemary, a dandelion, green tea, a primrose evening, etc. Vitamins - antioxidants, preparations of

iodine All preparatata appointed for internal application at treatment of cellulitis have to be directed to

to restoration of exchange processes and balance between inflow and outflow of fabric liquid.

External preparations are applied directly on problem areas and have to contribute to normalization of a metabolism at the cellular level directly in skin and hypodermic fatty cellulose, strengthen a blood-groove and have sosudoukreplyayushchy effect at treatment of cellulitis.

the Anti-cellulite clearing means, srubs, peelings stimulate processes of cell renewal and make active a metabolism.

From the additional measures applied at treatment of cellulitis, anti-cellulite belts, corsets from multilayered fabric with effect of a sauna.

Treatment of cellulitis - a complex task.