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When the House 2 or Why it is pleasant to us " ends; to spy ? Welcome

, nobody will argue that the television plays a large role in human life. Seemingly unostentatiously, it is similar to a background, the TV mutters news, sings hits, sobs with heroes of series, giggles over silly jokes of humorists..., It seems, we do not look - we listen, going about the own business, but is not present and we will dart a glance at the screen: what there occurs. So there is time, another, and then is strong we squat on some transfer, series, show. Dawn of entertainment events falls

on 1997 - 1999 when people in large quantities watch My family Field of wonders Domino effect " Windows; Guess a melody write to editions of the letter, participate in programs... By 2003 the boom ceases, but appears other novelty: a reality - show. " broadcasts became pioneers of this field; Behind " glass; Last hero " Factory; House . The main idea of any of a reality - show: to show behavior of people in extreme conditions when everyone pursues one aim - to win the first prize.

So, a main objective of families - participants of the " teleproject; House there was a receiving the house with which building all of them were busy. Even the owner of a smart voice N. Baskov, the host of the project, could not pacify intensity of emotions which was created on the platform. Participants dodged, machinated, practiced art of lie that once a week, on Lobnoye Mesto to expel one of couples. People in large quantities were indignant, shouted of immorality, violations of elementary norms of morals... but... Continued to look! the Success of show was stunning! Mobile operators received a quite good jackpot from sending SMS by subscribers in support of the pleasant couple; TNT channel - indisputable popularity, mad charges for advertizing in the period of air, Basques - scandalous popularity.

All won. Having estimated scales of attention of audience to similar shows, TV men as if from a horn of plenty, issue new and new projects: Hunger Big brother multiseries " Factories; Last heroes ...

Spring of 2004 the " project is started; House 2 . Rules change a little: now participants have to not only build the house, but also find the love. Leaders became this time the celebutante Ksenia Sobchak and to very few people then famous Ksenia Borodina. Once a week is arranged vote after which one of participants will have to leave, and next day new will come to his place. First conditions of stay were really difficult: lived in barracks, worked at building, held competitions and cruel dedications, prepared from rather limited set of products, and alcohol was forbidden at all! Trips to the city and the more so home were always preceded by long arrangements of leaders. By the way, they then too differed in discipline: both were always present at the platform, saw off buildings thetas - and - thetas and frontal .

But the big steam was gained by the project, the conditions became more loyal. Participants moved to the well-planned house, besides, appeared Moscow apartments (for the taken place couples and old participants), the VIP - lodges (for persons interested for the first time to appear alone); old allowed to go to holiday, to stay with parents, to invite friends... Prizes for victories in various competitions it is noticeable rose in price : foreign permits, cars, apartments (actually, end in itself of the project!) big sums of money... And together with material benefits - high ranks: Owner of Dom2 King / Queen of Dom2 ...

But, perhaps, the status the Star became the most important for participants a rank, they began to go by a tour, to write books, transfer messages, to issue magazines... Persons old participants started gleaming on posters, school diaries, t-shirts, vreklamny blocks... As soon as the fatigue from show became ripe, to the audience threw up a new counter: support Stepan Menshchikov on SMS - vote receive on mobile sexual Alyona Vodonayeva`s photo order a board game House win a t-shirt with Olga Buzova download scandalous video with Mai Abrikocuov participate in night SMS - a chat ... Show began to air three times a day, and at night - to go crazy! - started repetition from the very beginning, for missed - passed - fallen in love !.

It seems that world crisis is not terrible to either participants, or producers! The income from the sent SMS, million downloadings, sales of magazines and various symbolics, mad charges for steel advertizing by really cash! And seeing what expensive gifts are made by participants each other what brands carry and where go to have a rest, you begin to doubt that the announcer in news told the truth... And day by day at nine o`clock in the evening millions of little girls and thousands of young wives stick to the screen... Having waved on the grumbling parents, having hushed dissatisfied husbands... Competently put show is so similar to the real life that there is no wish to come off the screen at all!

Here, probably, and answer to the first question: when ends The House - 2 ? The show which dragged on as if Santa - Barbara and long ago left the initial idea, the series will end also disgracefully, as well as. Unexpectedly, silly and ridiculously: interest of audience will be gone, the income will fall. As children from Gum - klab joked: will stupidly return to participants passports.

For now... The country looks. Condemns, abuses, hates... but looks! It is possible to parry, of course, speaking about narrowness of perception: a pier, look at bright competitions, beautiful courtings, pay attention to typical errors of behavior in the relations with collective, an opposite sex, rivals... Only to what it? More all the same will remain to dirt, platitude, hypocrisy, unscrupulousness, vulgarity and immorality.

But then why show continues fifth year? Whatever competent were director`s statements whatever dexterous were the courses of the producer, cannot force masses to watch that it is opposite to them for so many years. Or our generation so grew dull what does not notice it?

Psychologists consider that everything is much deeper. Matter in secret desire of the person to peep life of another , a reality - show as nothing else will give to this feeling keyhole . Some doctors even speak about a scopophilia (a pathological addiction to peeping). Perhaps it and search, but not us is told that in each person there is something from Christ and something from a pig. It is possible, to address the first, it is possible - to the second. Both that, and another guarantees a mass response. Well, and on decrease - intellectual and moral - it is simpler to play, of course.

Here also play with the audience and whether to join in game - a personal record of everyone.