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How to establish a metal door in the province? Or cheap but good .

In this article specifics of installation of an entrance metal door in the province for the average Russian inhabitant will be considered. I.e. in the low price range with independent installation or fitters from small provincial firmochek and state of emergency.

For a start - the small review of the metal doors offered in towns, generally in small shops. Several main models are usually exposed, other models suggest to choose in catalogs or on a photo.

the cheapest doors are offered, depending on the region and the producer (generally - China), at the price within 5 - 6 thousand rubles. Cloth thickness - about 0,8 mm. Look simply also ring as cans. Are generally delivered with one lock. They say that they can be opened opener Such door (together with a box) without effort will be lifted by the teenager. Their real destination is a role of a temporary barrier from shady characters with unclear intentions for installation in houses and apartments where, for example, there are capital repairs.

the Following price range - from 7 to 9 thousand rubles. Here it is already possible to meet more - less worthy representatives. Big variety of models of any flowers, finishings and coverings. It is the main niche used in the province. It is possible to pick up both the laminated door and painted on fashionable powder technology. The number of locks here, - from two, generally disk with the punched keys, and more (to order). Cloth thickness: 1,2 - 1,5 mm. Loops are internal, built in a box. Average build the man will be able only to raise such door. The producer - too generally China, but quality already 10 times more.

go Further doors worth from 8 to 11 thousand rubles depending on a design, existence of cashing in, quantity and quality of locks. These are doors Russian, a cloth: 2 - 3 mm, loops external. Ready doors generally do not happen, only to order and according to the preliminary arrangement, production term - of a week and more. Doors quite solid and reliable, especially complete with good import locks. Minus such door, is an impossibility at once to touch also perhaps big term of implementation of the order.

Well and at last so-called exclusive. Cost - from 17 thousand and any more, here any more is not present a limit to a flight of fancy. Models are presented both qualitative Chinese, and the European producers though with incrustation by diamonds and

opening from an eye iris of the eye Now about installation. At first several councils to the one who is going to establish a door independently. In - the first the tool is necessary for

. It is the puncher, the Bulgarian (if the house panel, it is necessary to cut off fittings), the level gage, lomik. You should not mention hammers, chisels, screw-drivers etc., probably, if the companion has a puncher, I think there will be also a self-tapping screw, as they say without sledge hammer and a chisel you are not a mechanic, and

In - the second surely need the assistant, and not the wife with a serving spoon, it (wife) will not hold a door. At best will manage the broken fingers and teeth which are beaten out to the wife. The strong little man is necessary to hold a door so far you expose level.

Even upon purchase is better to check at once existence and quality of anchor bolts which the door box will fasten to an aperture, by the way it in most cases should be expanded after that, naturally, as the old box is removed.

Well everything, a new box with a door are established on level, an anchor are wrapped, a cavity around a box of a zapenen. There was a finishing of slopes, here already who what it is ready for, someone trims with plastic, eurolining, the MDF panels, and someone brings solution, as they say to taste and color

A now several councils to those who decided not to strain, and to entrust the " installation; to professionals . For a start it is possible to ring round several firms, - to ask the price. The prices fluctuate from 1,5 to 2 thousand rubles depending on a door and type of the house. Installation to the panel house usually costs dearer for 300 - 400 rubles. By the way in any local newspaper in the column Services there are announcements of the private traders who are engaged in installation of doors, at them happens cheaper, and quality of installation is even better.

I is main how fitters extolled the professional skill, showing certificates, diplomas and medals, it is better to monitor all process of installation personally, optimizing quality of work as leading questions of type: - whether but not sickly they have anchor bolts for this door, and whether many their quantity on the party, whether tonkovat a layer of foam and whether the level gage is confided at them.

Even the most raunchy slovens - fitters in the presence of the owner will not drive a door in an aperture a sledge hammer. Let them be angry from your continuous presence and inappropriate councils better, than you will pull them then on to trifles : warped a door, in a crack blows, jammed the lock