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What will we treat on the Victory Day with? We make the festive menu.

the Victory Day for all Russians by right the most sacred holiday. In each family there was a soldier. Each family suffered from that bloody war. Light to all of them memory. Never we will forget their feat.

This light holiday was celebrated in my family since the Victory Day. And this time all numerous relatives will gather at a family table. What will we treat with?

Everything blossoms and smells sweet. Mai generously bears millions of aromas of fresh greens. We will lay a holiday table spring, vital, optimistical too.

" Salad; With the Victory Day

This salad in different options bears different names. He is Spring, recently was Solar, slightly changed structure - became Darling. Its main advantage - it never becomes boring, and the freshness and ease allow it a guarantee to be always in the nomination Unforgettable.

Fresh apples, young carrots - the chastener need to be grated or cut bars. The main thing - to observe proportions. The dish will be only then harmonious when all proportions, all lines are observed. To calculate amount of ingredients as easy as shelling pears - on a half of apple and carrot on one guest. Ten people at a table - five average apples, five small carrots.

To add a half-glass of the steamed-out raisin without stones to all this magnificence of paints. It is possible to add couple of stalks of a petiolar celery for freshness. It is possible to do also without it. And here it will not be possible to do without big bunch of sheet salad. Very carefully to wash out a bunch under a stream of cool water, trying not to damage gentle green leaflets. Then to tear hands on small pieces. To mix with other structure.

Gas station can vary too - from lemon juice to mayonnaise. From sour cream to unsweetened natural yogurt. To whom what is pleasant. Also this salad too differently is served. It is possible to mix everything and to lay out in a big salad bowl. And it is possible to spread out on high glasses and to give a la carte. This salad at the very beginning of a meal is served.

Snack mushroom For winners .

Excellent snack under vodka, under front hundred grams.

Half a kilo of fresh champignons to clean and separate legs and hats. To boil legs in a pan with a small amount of water, to salt, pepper. In three minutes prior to switching off to add grated cheese (200 g) and the crushed crackers (5 - 6 tablespoons). To add pounded nuts (1 glass) right at the end. Better walnut, but any what you have will approach. To switch off. To mix weight. After cooling to fill with it the turned hats of champignons. Previously to add some salt to mushrooms.

To spread a pure tissue on a baking sheet. To lay out on it the filled hats of mushrooms. To powder with the remains of the crushed nuts. To put in an oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

To lay out the stuffed hats on the big oval dish covered with leaves of fresh salad. Winners, at a table!

House specialty The Small fish on - Stalingrad .


in Stalingrad made radical turn to a victory. From my nice singed city drove fascists back home. The house specialty will bear only such proud name.

Of any fish to cut some fillet on portion pieces by the number of participants of a festive feast. To pickle this fillet in bitterly - sweet sauce - such and there was a victory of our people

For marinade to mix granular mustard and honey in the ratio 2:1. To densely cover each piece of the prepared fillet and to leave for 30 minutes, having densely closed a plate.

To cut a food foil on squares. To oil them vegetable. Each piece to salt and pepper. To lay in the middle of a foil and to turn an envelope.

To bake at a temperature of 190 degrees of 20 - 30 minutes. Having slightly unbent an envelope edge, to submit this letter on a plate to everyone with a piece of a lemon and figurno the cut young radish.

Perfectly the young boiled kartoshechka seasoned olive or butter and small cut greens of May fennel will approach such small fish. What spirit costs! Russian!

All of us gather on this warm holiday not just to ottrapeznichat. We remember the died grandfathers, fathers I will eat military songs and we lift toasts for that nobody ever knew this scary word war .

Nobody is forgotten!

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