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How to cure soul pain? We told methods of disposal

In last release about the reasons of jet behavior. Today how to help itself.

It is possible to use the following receptions:

1. Take a Whatman paper or any big sheet of paper. Take gouache, water, a brush. Do not run away, and on the contrary, plunge into not palatable feelings which overflow, - and begin to draw. Draw everything that will come to mind - just indulge to drive on paper as the hand and those paints which will want to be used will want. At the end it is possible to crumple, crumple, tear this leaf on small pieces, to throw out. So emotions gradually will begin to be released. If the situation very old and difficult, thus is removed only the first layer. Then watch yourself. As soon as gushes something unpleasant - again draw! Each subsequent drawing will be lighter and is purer than previous. Only estimate nothing: Oh, as all this is terrible, I will have a depression now! It is some kind of operation on clarification of wounds, it agrees that they are not strongly pleasant too.

2. If you do not want to draw - dance . Besides under any music, any movements, you shout if it wants, ride on a floor if you feel need. At the end anyway there will be a simplification, some kind of devastation.

3. Fine option - to mold . You mold the anger, fear, offense, any feelings. In subconsciousness they surely have an image, not incidentally we ask: And how your relationship looks? Eventually, emotions will receive realization, and the image is transformed.

4. One more option - not the simplest, but effective - to breathe . You sit down, you close eyes and you remember the heaviest moments. At the same time you breathe deeply, a full breast, freely, quietly, (in it and there is a difficulty of a method since breath is interrupted, contracts), with an exhalation you release everything, you release yourself. Here it is worth asking someone that reminded, probably: to breathe is the most important. The success indicator - the picture will become pale, soft and unemotional.

5. Letter method . As they say, paper does not blush . From above write the problem: Bad relationship of page. Fear... The Relation to... Absence... . Further write any phrases, offers, just words, without filtering anything and without embellishing: what goes from within, write. Every time when the thought stops, you put an end, and then you begin with a new line.

Read then everything that wrote, from there such relations also go. Further you read each paragraph - and again write what comes to mind, pour out the emotions on paper... Then burn all leaves. If there are light ashes, mean remained in nothing. But if there is a soot, soot, not burned down rigid pieces of paper, something else means is, try to work later, in other situation or other method.

the Special case of this method - the letter of love about which I already wrote.

6. If in soul much zlost collected, very expressional method - a ware beating will help. Quite often some apply it. But, unfortunately, it is very destructive - the house, ears of relatives, perhaps, new ware suffers. Let`s get rid of these minuses - leave there where nobody will prevent you where you will feel safe, having taken old ware with chips, bottles, illiquid banks and indulge in the feeling, it is necessary to beat not just like that, and with with feeling.

7. Well, and very effective method: tell about what occurred, about the feelings about all details of an event - aloud. Here presence someone is not necessary, tell the reflection in a mirror, just yourself as you would tell it to the one who well understands you. Two moments are important - it is obligatory to tell aloud, and it is obligatory to dare to make some actions, the movements, to allow itself any emotional manifestations.

But there is more to come. It is necessary to tell many times until all emotional stock ends. So far you will not tell about this situation, perhaps, for the 100-th time, quiet tone, just because it was in your life.

8. And, perhaps, the most difficult method - a razotozhdestvleniye with emotions, their supervision in the body as they leave where go as are developed where it is sick what pain, what feelings is. This method allows not just to remove energy, and to transform it to the force, but demands training of as observer.

It is necessary to begin with continuous supervision over itself in all situations - pleasant, simple, quiet. Only after that it will be possible to watch difficult and difficult situations.

Such methods and approaches allow to remove an internal emotional pressure, so to speak, to clear a wound, the reminiscence will remain in your memory as a part of the life, and it is correct because the truth. But it will lose the destructive force and if you take from this situation pluses, experience, force, then there will even be no scar left in soul!

After all this reflect and why, actually, you took offense or upset? What similar situation was in your childhood? Than it and you differ from that period? Change the destroying belief on new, positive. And then it is important to apply as often as possible any ways which are for you balm for the soul - the sauna, massage, walk, purchases and so forth that you define and to confirm new belief or a conclusion.

After similar study of emotional blocking of people already not just silently expects from others something and takes offense if they do not guess it. But can ask absolutely quietly about the help and the requirements, without taking offense if the partner cannot make it right now. In other words, the requirement stops being painful, and reaction to refusal becomes adequate.