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And whether so the World wide web confuses us?

Thank God, informatization of society gains steam. All have computers, Internet access becomes cheaper, people adapt. Now it is destiny not only youth, but also the senior generation. Nevertheless, scepticism concerning advantage of the World wide web does not weaken. People recognize that e-mail is not a whim any more, and, at least, need that communication became fast and convenient. However when the speech comes about the scientific and educational sphere, critics cannot keep from venomous comments on the fact that the youth ceased to go to " libraries long ago;.

Having listened not to one opinion of the " type; here we at your age read books and summarized I understood that it is that case when it is possible to argue with the senior generation not only, but also it is necessary. And just not about need to read books (the person erudite will never refuse this occupation), and about a harmful role of the Internet which, allegedly, distracts youth from receiving true knowledge. As truth, apparently, consider all traditional ways to grind away at the studies.

I respect traditions, but I hold the ground. All the matter is that ability to appreciate the time is an art. And the one who is not able to do it steadily appears in the tail . At school it seems to you that at university will make the professional of you, literally will stuff with knowledge and here - you are an expert. Having gained the diploma, you understand that you will make the professional of yourself itself, and the university only learned... lives - to be able to do that and it, to be in time here and there. And here when you need to make much everything , then you begin to appreciate time. The friend of all students the copier, the invariable assistant the scanner and the biggest and faithful companion - the Internet comes to the rescue.

I will not begin to argue that it is filled up with garbage of the known character and that temptation to hang in ICQ or a social network it is very big. But the help from searches of the necessary information is simply enormous (if to be able to look for, of course). All for some reason remember at once ready papers as the proof that the Internet - a flea market. But sceptics turn a little attention to that how many e-books and textbooks (even the most exclusive) are possible at desire to find. Why to spend time for a reading room of library if it is possible to use it rationally? In laying of the browser at many people - the Internet - versions of newspapers and magazines which they regularly read, the Internet - channels which broadcast online. Unless all this is not intellectual development?

Besides, still there are prejudices concerning gravity of the Internet as scientific resource. In my opinion, it is strange if to consider what on relevance of the covered events equal to it is not present. Unless TV - news to which it is not accepted to refer in works somehow...

Personally I am sure that live books will never disappear, even with development of technologies. However to reject achievements of society and to underestimate them - it means not to move forward. They say that a role of events in the history it is possible to estimate only in 300 years. Perhaps, then the Internet will be considered as property? Society always carefully treated innovations, but evolution so continued...