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What is done by school with the child? About army of identical children

Education of children is very responsible occupation. Some of our acts and offensive words sit at memory for the rest of life, causing different mental diseases. Many scientists dealt with problems of education: Zh. Zh. Russo, S. Freud, R. Burns, R. Boris, E. Fromm, A. Maslou, K. Rogers, A. Kombs, E. Eriksson, A. G. Spirkin, I. I. Chesnokova, L. S. Vygotsky, I. S. Kohn and others.

The great value in life of the child is occupied by school. And what we see? What children are raised by educational institution? Children force to wear identical clothes, to think in the identical direction, to strive for identical dreams. And those who think in a different way those who seek to show the identity - are suppressed. Here Anechka good, it correctly () answered on the textbook on a question, and here Petya bad, he tried to look at a situation from other party (began to reflect). Small children are raised as army where all guys are shaved bare and all become similar.

And where individual abilities have the place? Becomes clear why some great people badly studied at schools because to become great, it is necessary that your thinking was not same, as at the majority. The new view on the objects surrounding us is necessary.

How then it is worth raising children? How to make so that their identity was not suppressed?

It is necessary simply - naprosto to trust to the kid. Stimulate it to study, to development of creative abilities. Surely notice to what it has a tendency, try to direct it to development of these tendencies. Trust it to the choice! Allow to solve adult problems, you carry out family councils. Let him feel that trust it and respect his opinion.

Of course, the unconditional trust can cause big troubles. For example, Vanya decided that now the sandbox belongs to him, and offends Lenochka playing there. How to be? Explain to the child that his freedom comes to an end where freedom of other person begins . Just tell it that conscience means . Tell that Lena the child also has full authority to play in a sandbox. It would be unpleasant to it if his peers tried to limit its freedom?

If the child cannot understand in any way what is conscience, try to give more examples from life. You speak with confidence, but it is soft. Let he will feel, realizes through own experience that there is a conscience. Let the child himself will try to give examples from life. Read it fairy tales where the leading role is played by freedom, conscience. Hold role-playing games where he will have to face the choice with the kid. Send it to thought in the right direction.

Thus when the child completely realizes that you trust him and therefore you give freedom that he cannot limit freedom of other person then to it, and you it will be simpler to communicate with each other and people around.

Allow the children to show creative and mental capacities. Trust it to the choice in life. Let`s the children create the destiny, do not allow school to brainwash the child under army of identical pupils. Successful education!