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Italian, Spanish - free of charge and legally? Podcasts, video castes, the websites …

In recent years the Internet - the world blew up various educational projects. Especially, on studying of languages. Many know about remarkable projects Gutenberg and Librivox. For those who are not aware: the project Gutenberg numbers books for general use, in the Librivox draft of the book are charged extra by volunteers, including, professional readers. Free of charge.

The main language - English, of course, but is already many audiobooks though in Russian though on Japanese. Only problem: if to read or listen to foreign books, a certain readiness is necessary. On the Internet there is a lot of also the piracy websites. But to advertize we have them no right. Let`s talk about not bad proved other, simpler projects.

All this makes sense in case you at the moment are not able to afford to buy license programs, have no opportunity to go to courses. Then the Internet - lessons can be big help. And all is able to hammer into search engine of online - lessons … language to obtain exhaustive information on these resources.

Foreign resources it is a little more difficult for studying. But they have also indisputable advantages - experience of a podcasting, lessons are led by either the native speaker, or the famous teacher, or the whole group.

In this regard English - out of competition: also radio on the computer is possible to listen and to download (lawfully!) the whole training movies and small video castes, and, at once in that sphere which is interesting to you (for example, small video lessons of yoga in English, maybe, and the double advantage will turn out). It is a lot of podcasts (vodkast or videokast) and with financial subjects. Many quite so also prefer to get used to the learned language.

One more feature - appeared long ago the free iTunes program which gives the mass of opportunities. It can easily be found and downloaded free of charge on the Internet. It is possible to subscribe for any chosen podcast - video castes, and everything will be loaded itself, it is possible not to approach the computer. But those who have an Internet not really high-speed can just visit the fallen in love websites (or to subscribe through mail rovnekhonko so much how many for you it is necessary) and to deal slowly with those languages which are not given you yet.

WorldNomads. com - by the way, look at the website worldnomads. com/language - guides / - there and can learn Nepali especially interested.

But these training files (though Russian) can be loaded and as a MP3. In this case we need no excess program, visit the website, we press the necessary language, we pass, below there is a button for downloading, and also exits to the previous lessons.

I can share some addresses, and consciously especially I do not recommend the Russian websites: in - the first that did not look advertizing, in - the second, from native speakers a product everything is more reliably.


Of course, first of all

of BBC Learn Spanish

bbc. co. / - look at uk/languages/spanish.

And here from this website you can daily receive by mail one Spanish word on the mailbox.

of spanish - word - a - day. com/swadbooks. htm

But is better to visit the website, to look at the word, to listen to it, is not excluded that something will be remembered.

Learn Spanish/Aprenda Espa? ol

spanicity. com/? gclid=CLzxlerlipECFQVUZwodok6hAg

Is suitable for beginners and continuing.

is better to come Here to understand.

Quite good website

studyspanish. com/default. htm

is full, and audio and an opportunity to check itself - from a pronunciation to grammar.

The most unpretentious website for the most initial level (useful words with audio)

of quiz - buddy. com/Spanish_Phrases_with_Audio. html

the Big website with audiolessons which can be downloaded. (The main expressions in everyday life are studied).

of com/episodes

Here that is free of charge offered in the iTunes program now : Beginner Spanish introduction Surnames in Spanish Free Spanish Tutor Spanish art (film) Spanish podcast for beginners Trying to learn Spanish. And ten three more free courses for which it is only necessary to subscribe.

It is necessary to specify also the website for residents of Ukraine:

of narod. ru /

As for Italian , the same scheme.

BBC Learn Italiano

bbc. co. uk/languages/italian /

From the Russian website narod. ru/lessons/index. htm you can receive on the post a box free lessons through mailing. In mailings it is possible to look at all possible other options. For this purpose it is necessary just to come into service of mailings. The shortcoming - weak audition, but business slowly moves.

And also already Italian website (the word in day) about. com/library/word/blwordofday1027. htm - to be signed, will come to a box.

The good website with audiolessons.

of com /

the Only problem - level already average, is even slightly higher, explanations in English.

And again

of WorldNomads. com - by the way, look at the website

worldnomads. com/language - guides / - Italian option.

For those for whom all - English - not the biggest problem, come into iTunes. There is a lot of offers: Let’s speak Italian The language of love. And couple more of tens names of courses. You look attentively that it was free, there are also paid podcasts.

And all - I cannot but specify a remarkable portal of Ilya Frank: franklang. ru/. Come and look. The audio is not enough, but there is a lot of languages. And material. And, above all - enthusiasm.

All these schemes work also for other languages. Only free podcasts of English already passed for ten thousand. And very qualitative.