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To dream - it is not harmful? Well and in what then a problem?

of Obazhayu of huge moustached uncles as Armstrong in Steel Alchemist ! If I meet it is that I will invite to myself home, and we will begin to live together, to domovnichat and go shopping.

And yes we will settle. People - Obama there kakoynt settle... Armstrong will be my lover, Sasha is the official wife, and Midori is our daughter. In total vmestyakh we will live, the more the merrier. In the morning I will carry all on such old Pakkarda with a wooden body - whom for work whom about trade quarter and whom in school. And itself I will trade in an antiquarian shop. Hair at thinking will be tied in a pony - teyl, in an eye a magnifying glass, and on me there will be a white shirt and a black vest. I will take away Midori from school - it flies to me towards on steps, weightless as a moth, swinging a portfolio, and I stand pig-iron shod gate of school, holding automobile gloves in hand. .

And we will gather in the evening. A dinner on a white linen skatyorka, a sit-round gathering in front of the home theater in the polished wooden case under a retro, Buddy Halle on vinyl. Fireplace, billiards, cognac, cigars.

Midori will take a bath, to be gurgled in a penalty fee with pink rubber ducklings in a floret, and then I will take out, wrap its otted in a terry sheet and to bear to its room, and there to read to it for night of the book with beautiful ancient pictures, Andersen there and brothers Grimm.

And I in general sank down on Dani Radcliff earlier. Even when Tsivilyov and Eybozhenko on radio told about Elton John`s wedding and asked radio audience to whom they then would be married if they at us allowed such, then I called them the air and told: On Dani Radcliff!

In general can we would build the house - Sweet Home and lived with Dani Radcliff, both Armstrong, and Ilyyoy, and Serge, and Fantomas there, and still at thinking the friend is - Jascha Tsukkerstein, I did not see it long ago. You know that time he is Jew, with it is cool. Jews have one cool line.

We all together would arrange barbekyyu near the pool, morozheno twirled and in general abruptly hung out. Would drag out acoustics in a garden and started vinila on a revolving object - all old kind fate and still Buddy Halle. Also would go vmestyakh behind purchases. All would give jaws as we would jump out of an old catafalque on the chassis of Cadillac 63 of model year - in leather trousers, boots with narrow noses, suede sleeveless jackets with a lacing, white shirts, and on me still so stylish gloves, points, piercing in a lip and language and on a neck a collar with a platinum set...

Idyll, ne? And here ring road postyu about it at forums, nobody somehow like but only write in the plan UZhOS! or place cuttings from some protocols on drunk domestic squabbles

For some reason some consider that they and in general so-called normal can and have the right to dream, and I and me similar - am not present. And why? Everyone has the right for personal happiness - both the homosexual, and the bisexual, and the heterosexualist, and the bandit, and the last BUM. And everyone whatever extravagant and excentric these dreams were has the right to dream of happiness. Living well isn`t against the law!

Too most likely everyone represented communism in own way. Someone thought, likely, that everyone will have a smart cabriolet, someone - that will be opened bars and somewhere yes will be empty seats, and someone imagined that will open, let us assume, messes. And what here it?