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About what speak letters from the front? Part 1

16 - summer Sonya Stepina decided to write to the former mathematics teacher Mikhail Eskin the letter on the front not at once and to make a declaration of love to it. And only after several letters which were received from it by staff of school Sonya sent to Mikhail a news. In it the girl wrote: Often I remember your lessons, Mikhail Petrovich. I remember how shivered and trembled at each sound of your voice

And soon the commander of a platoon Mikhail Eskin answered Sonya: I read your letter with big pleasure. You do not represent how people are happy here, reading letters from acquaintances and relatives . Correspondence became a constant. When Mikhail told Sonya that it is a little scratched and now rests in bed in medical battalion the girl with fervor answered: I would arrive, be at me wings Young people fell in love with each other.

Nearly three years this correspondence lasted. In 1944 Mikhail and Sonya got married.

From the beginning of military operations millions of people appeared in field army. There was a mass evacuation from a front strip. Many people changed addresses, the residence. War separated thousands of families. All hope was on mail which helped to find relatives - in the back and at the front. Daily thousands of letters, cards, newspapers and magazines left on the front. Went letters from the front not less - to the different cities, settlements and sat down, there, where dear people were left.

Many letters of fighters are written in artless language, generally about what concerned them. Only it is difficult to read these lines - the lump gets stuck in a throat, and tears gather in the eyes. Vasily Ivanovich Volkov, the inhabitant of Altai, where there was his family, in the letter addresses the wife: Dear Manya! I send hi to children - Zoya, Kolya and Valya. I am living - is healthy. Manechka, protect children. Pay attention to Zoya`s health. It at us weak. She needs to drink " milk;.

War spared nobody. Cruelly it managed also with this family. At Vasily Volkov in the years of war two brothers died. His sister Maria lived in Leningrad where she managed kindergarten. During a crossing on To Road of Life the car with children avoided shelling in her eyes under ice. Shaken by what was seen, Maria was seriously ill, and in 1947 died. Brothers of the wife of Vasily Volkov were killed in battles also. The senior lieutenant Vasily Volkov fell death brave in 1943. Difficult it was necessary to Manya Volkova. Zoya only was at this time 10 years old, her sister of Valais - 7, to the brother Kolya - 3 years.

Today it is almost impossible to find the museum or archive where letters of veterans, to which sometimes at researchers " would not be stored; hands " do not reach;. And history of World War II by eyes of its participants - an important historical source. And experts consider that work on collecting letters from the front should be continued because keepers of soldier`s letters die.

Almost more than 60 years the Muscovite, the major in resignation Yuli Solomonovich Lurye collects letters of veterans. The letter of the father from the front which Yuli`s family received in 1941 became the first letter in this big collection. Yuli during that time was a teenager. In big collection of letters of Lurye front messages of soldiers - from the soldier to the marshal. So, the private Vitaly Yaroshevsky, addressing mother, wrote: If I die, then I will die for our homeland and for you . Pyotr Sorokin, the missing person in 1941, managed to write only several letters to the family. Here lines of one of the last.

Hi, mummy! Do not worry about me I already passed baptism of fire. Let`s be in Kronstadt, I will surely send you silk to a " dress;. But was not in time.

Alexey Rogov, the commander of a squadron of an aviaregiment who made more than 60 departures sent the news to the wife and the little son to the hometown. In each its address to the wife the genuine love and alarm for relatives is felt. My Girl, - Alexey wrote the wife from Novocherkassk, - prepare yourself for separation. Ahead 1942. Live, as well as I, hope for a meeting . He sent the following letter home from the Moscow region: Hi, Verusinka, and Edink`s synulka! Verushechka, do not long. Prepare for winter. Buy the son valenoks and sew to him a fur coat. I love you. Alexey . The last letter is dated the beginning of October, 1941. His Alexey wrote some days before the death. He was entitled the Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

Nikolay Dronov who died near Kerch in 1942 dreamed to live up to a victory. It is not enough free time. To have to study much on the run. But you should not despond. We will win. Mother, the father and the grandmother, for me do not worry. Do not cry. Everything is good. Your son Kolya .

There was at the front no person who would not miss a home. Not casually almost all letters begin with the address to the family: dear mother my family my dear children beloved Masha etc. As a rule, short narrations about war occur in letters of fighters. Sent to the family verses, photos, cuttings from newspapers - leaflets. As letters wrote directly from a battlefield, from a first line veterans as there was a war, even more often specified places where there was a fight. Usually in only one line: I write from Prussia defended Oder hi from Belarus .

To the victory was at war guards the foreman Natalya Chernyak. In the letter she wrote mother: Darling, mother! Yesterday we in part had a big holiday. Our case was handed the Guards banner. Mummy, I was given new boots. Wash 36 - y the size. You represent how I am happy. Now 3 o`clock in the morning. I sit on watch and I write you. I read Mayakovsky in free time. Yes, nearly forgot, mummy, notes came to me: Strauss`s waltzes Spring voices On blue Danube Ukrainian and Russian songs. It is necessary for our orchestra .

Were long stored in a family of Muscovites of Zenko of the letter with the front Fadey Fadeevich Zenko until his relatives transferred them to the museum. Fadey Zenko on victories died shortly. His letters are directed to the wife Anna and children. Together with the staff of institute of engineers of railway transport it was evacuated to the Urals. Anna Ivanovna with two children lodged in the village where she was elected the vice-chairman of collective farm.

It was difficult, heavy. But letters from the husband helped to survive to it. He was anxious how his wife and children will transfer the Ural frosts: It is remarkable that you got valenoks. It is necessary to sew caps with ear-flaps that our kids did not freeze. Anechka, do not forget to think of yourself . The huge desire of the husband though somehow to save the wife and children from adversities is felt. Fadey Zenko`s children remembered that mother, reading letters from the front, cried, laughed. They loaded it with the optimism.

In collective farm there were not enough people, was not in prosperity of equipment, difficulties were with seeds. To Anna Zenko, the yesterday`s engineer of one of the leading Moscow institutes, it was absolutely difficult to adapt to rural life. That she worked, not poklady a hand, it was told in the next news of the husband: Learned, Ania, in your letter that comments of heads of the area on you good. I am very glad and am proud. Your progress - our progress .

Many military cards were followed not only pictures, but also the official quote of Stalin: We can and have to clear the earth of Hitlerite evil spirits . People wrote in letters and cards, bringing closer a victory: I will hammer the enemy to the last forces I will revenge for the destroyed village I Believe that we will settle accounts with fritsa Mother, a nemchura runs from us, we to them broke teeth

Continuation in the following part.