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Mistakes at the choice of the hall at restaurant for holding a wedding

the Question: We have a wedding, guests of 20 - 25 people. We want to invite the leader. At restaurant where we want to order a table, there is no small hall and to us suggest to settle down generally. The administration assures that it is even better. It is possible not to invite musicians since from 19:00 at them live music. What to do to us - to agree or all - to look for other restaurant with the small hall where we will be only the company?

Answer: Let you in this respect will have no doubts: if there is opportunity it is necessary to look for other place, as if you were persuaded at restaurant.

In - the first, in the hall as you already understood, you will be not one . Visitors who this day will appear against the will on your holiday (and such will be much since. employees of similar institutions who have enough mind to put a wedding in the general hall, only the revenue concerns) will hardly share with you your pleasure. They came to have a rest, and are forced to listen to the leader who in turn has to hold event not in a whisper. Having sustained at most half an hour - minutes forty guests of restaurant will begin to approach inconsiderately the leader, demanding to make the microphone more silent or in general to become silent. I quote: let`s people talk quietly in silence. We what this wedding we will listen to all evening? Stop talking, sing something or quiet put music. Let`s have a rest! . The leader, as it is found, will send them to To you since to decide that farther to do to it - only to you. There will be many these claims, almost so much how many the person will decide to spend this evening at restaurant. The administration in such cases or disappears, giving an opportunity to deal with you to waiters, or begins to prevent the leader to work, offering some inconceivable versions of the scenario: or I quote the general toast, the general smoke break, the general dance: tell something cheerful, relieve the tension, make a competition some that all participated It is necessary to you?

In - the second, musicians came at 19:00. you count on the cheerful, dancing program as you were assured by the staff of restaurant. And so, even if you agree with musicians in advance, all of them equally will not be able to work only for you since in the hall will be there are people having the rights, identical with you, to order favourite music for money. And they will use this right. Taganka Share thieves` Vladimir Prison etc. - here not the full list wedding songs which you will hear in parallel with the dancing program, at what some several times in a row. And if musicians learn about your holiday only having come to work and will not feel yours to them arrangements in the form of the bank notes offered by you, business will be even more sadly. And there is a wish several words about musicians which because of careless administration appear in such situation. Do not break on them the evil. They came to work to earn money and are not obliged to arrange you a holiday free of charge at all.

And, in - the third, visitors of restaurant - people different and, as a rule, drinking. From drunk not always you know what to wait, and from strangers especially. Here ordinary expression occurs: What for a wedding without a fight? And to it in such situations one step, one look, one word In the general halls it is good to

to carry out a friendly sit-round gathering: gathered after work, chipped in together went to restaurant. There drank, danced, talked, ran up and all are happy. The number of people, by the way, here does not matter at all. Well in the general hall are noted by the small companies (to 15 people) birthdays, it is only necessary to sit down to a table at least for an hour prior to the beginning of the musical program that there was an opportunity to congratulate the hero of the occasion quietly, but without outvoicing musicians. Public calendar holidays, have the right for the place under " too; one roof . A subject - that one, and the program one, 2 - 3 general toasts and as the baron Myunkhgauzen spoke: Of course dances.

And everything that assumes the scenario, the leader, original entertaining and musical programs, all this has to pass in the certain hall whatever you to neither whom, nor you nor who would spoil a holiday.

of Good luck!