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How to choose the scenario of a holiday (a wedding, anniversary, birthday) that guests did not miss

Before going on a meeting with the candidate for a role of the leading your holiday, I very much advise you to collect, so-called, family council .

Invite close friends, relatives, all those who already had experience of similar actions whose opinion you value. Discuss with them a celebration format, i.e. what you want to see the holiday - traditional or original.

I believe to explain what is a traditional format, it is necessary for nobody. And about original (exclusive) would like to tell several words.

Original is the thought-up scenario of a celebration. the following is important to consider Here: if your guests are the people who are brought up on traditions (the age does not matter), or your fellow workers are a little familiar with each other, or just, to study, business with which at you the relation only friendly and no more than that, then the format of action should not raise doubts - it has to be traditional. Otherwise you will not be understood just, believe my experience.

And if your guests are the people connected by firm friendship, taking of each other the hint, liberated to borders of your moral principles, creative, not standardly conceiving, liking to turn any action into cheerful buffoonery (in good sense) - to you and cards in hands. Bring together the most active, discuss the forthcoming event, think up the scenario and make an appointment to the leader. But before, it is competent and as it is possible more precisely formulate what you want to see the holiday and that in it has to be obligatory and what categorically should not be. Try as it is possible to characterize more precisely your company, degree of its freedom, border to which it is possible to joke. And the more stoutly, and, above all, your information will be more authentic, the more precisely the leader will get to a spirit of your guests and by the time of a celebration will become for you the person, so and the holiday will take place on hurrah .

Treat it seriously. Believe, time spent by you with interest will pay off correctly chosen holiday tonality, and it is the key to success.

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