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How to become the successful person?

the First rule on the way to an image of the successful, succeeding in all person it - Every morning, having woken up, to begin day with a smile to itself, welcoming itself darlings. It is necessary to praise, thank himself, to thank the world surrounding us, surrounding people. To wish itself successful day, to wish good luck, love. Try to begin the day with it rules . Also believe, all day you will joyfully feel, will be in high spirits, and things yours will be easily done, you will be surrounded with aura of pleasure, pleasure, love.

The second rule of the successful and successful person who always is in great mood is a coolness, tranquility. Not indifference, not callousness, namely tranquility, harmony. In order that energy a constant stream went for implementation of your plans, desires, filling them, strengthening, accelerating process of execution, implementations you have to be quiet that by means of the emotions not to splash out this energy, not to slow down the affairs. When you begin to the whole world in confidence to tell about the progress, splashing out emotions, you together with words and emotions splash out also energy, that energy which intended for implementation of your projects. Having spent energy, for an idle talk, having presented, having saturated with this energy of people around, you created for yourself problems because your plans are not realized, desires will not be granted, fully. So at an undertaking stage will also hang because you splashed out the energy intended for a benefit fulfillment in your life thoughtlessly, and this most devastated all your projects. Be able to dominate yourself and the emotions. Also rejoice to the progress, continuing to go forward, to perfection, on the way of success. And showing reasonable tranquility, give to process of realization conceived by you, to be realized. - you praise yourself for progress, admire yourself, you thank Forces of the Universe, the Creator, world around. Also you treat quietly the taking place events. Do not fall into a condition of despondency concerning any delays, you treat them with humour, with a smile, be quiet and self-assured - we decided to be happy, and agreed that we are sure now that we are worthy all best, means indeed. In what doubts? These are not delays - it is search of more safe situation. We all the most excellent are worthy! Be also quiet and do not fall into a condition of euphoria concerning progress which accompany your affairs. You remember, we all best are worthy. So in what occasion surprise? Ourselves decided that ourselves will become wizards for ourselves, and we begin to work wonders. We are talented, we are vigorous also what occurs - it is results of our work. Praise yourself, thank Forces of the Universe and continue to work further on implementation of your desires, on implementation of your plans. Direct energy to creation of new projects, new plans. Also be quiet.

The third rule of the successful and successful person this ability to have a rest, relax. Not to save in itself emotional garbage, tension. When the person goes about the own business responsibly, he is successful, happy, affairs at him go easily. Because he intuitively feels time when it is necessary to show activity in affairs, and he plans the bigger volume of work for this time, he feels also that time when it is necessary to lower turns a few. And at this time it reduces a few activity because knows what should not be spent in vain, the energy, time and forces, for business activity is not the suitable period. And he devotes this time to current affairs, rest, companionship. And acting this way, it for many years is in peak form, having fine physical and mental health. He is less subject to stressful states because he is able to do correctly the things, correctly plans the time, and will organize the business life so that it has enough for everything and for all time. He is able, and also to itself favourite time to give is fine to do things. And having the fine income, he can create for himself and the relatives fine living conditions where to it it is cozy and comfortable.

He is not tired of work, it does it with pleasure. Because is able to combine work with rest. And this person cannot doubt success of the affairs, he just has no time to be engaged in these nonsenses, it is so keen on creative process - to create for itself(himself) wellbeing and happiness that learned to appreciate and save the time, energy, forces. He is sure that all events bear to it happiness, and always all situations will turn back to it for the good. And the belief in success, the optimism, he put a barrier for all failures and problems. And in his life there are only those events which he to himself predicted. And you can make yourself such confident, optimistical, purposeful person too. Who disturbs you? In total in your hands!

The fourth rule of the successful and successful person this ability not to test envy to progress of other people. More successful people for them as an indicator that here what can become if to exclude laziness, to be able correctly to organize process of work, business management. For all of us in days 24 hours. But each person in own way uses this time. Someone in order that is even more problems to get, become even more gloomy and lonely, having quarreled with all. And someone, purposefully using this time, seeks for self-improvement of, spiritual growth, for enhancement of the wealth, and finding of new more successful ways of business management.

you have sometimes feeling of envy to more successful people? Try to work with this problem. Imagine that you sit and lovely you talk to this person, and, asking him questions, about what interests you, you begin to learn success secrets which help you to realize that you spend the time in vain. And instead of watching how who has affairs who, than is engaged - devote this time entirely to yourself and create for yourself even more best living conditions. But not because you wish to prove to someone what you are capable of. And for the unique reason - you wish to become the happy, successful person. And this person to whom you envied earlier and helped you to understand that if you use the time for the spiritual growth, for creation of material welfare and for creation of comfortable living conditions for yourself, then you will achieve fine achievements in life. Your efforts will be rewarded, you will be able to grant the desires and to attract to yourself wealth, wellbeing, pleasure. Thank this person after completion of conversation, send it sincerely love streams. He to you helped to learn the opportunities, helped to learn himself. And it promoted that you made the decision to change yourself, the thoughts, to become other, more successful and successful person. Do not give in to feeling of envy, do not cultivate it in yourself, you do not seek to prove anybody anything, be oneself and be engaged in the life.

The fifth rule of the successful and successful person is to plan the actions. To make the plan for day, week, month, year . Somewhere to come - it is necessary to know where in what direction to go. In - the first, having written what you wish to do, tomorrow, in a week, year, you already declared the affairs to the Universe, already created a matrix of expected events, and saturated with energy conceived by you. You created a chain of actions which will create falls of the events filled with success and good luck. It will be easier for you to do things because when you made plans, and considered them, you already created prerequisites to their execution, and your energy, having saturated your records with force, will attract necessary situations, necessary people to the solution of your affairs.

The sixth rule of the successful and successful person is an ability to appreciate the time and energy. Not to waste them. You painted each hour, every minute, do not allow also other people to steal your time. If the person irresponsibly treats the words, and, having made an appointment for a certain time, did not appear in time, analyse this situation, these relations. You, learn in the beginning, what is the matter? But if the situation repeats, think that if the person is not obligatory whether it is worth doing with it things, to cooperate in small?

The seventh rule of the successful and successful person is not to be engaged in idle talk, not to spend the precious energy for insignificant talks, not to distract from the drawn-up plans. Changing on the run what was planned, you create chaos. You directed energy to creation earlier conceived, so why to spend time and forces for replacement of what you wished to make. One business if there was an updating of plans for more improved option, then this benefit for your affairs. Also try not to distract from the planned affairs only because your acquaintance called and asked to find for him time. Remember that, spending energy for the person, the meeting with whom was not planned, you the energy intending on execution by you conceived, will give to other person. And its affairs will go perfectly, and you will mark time again. Yes, it is necessary to meet people and, it is necessary to communicate, and all of us, living in this world, we always ask someone for the help and support. But do not allow strangers to interfere in your affairs and to make not planned changes in them only because someone here needs to meet right now you. It can turn out so that, having planned some affairs, you will spend energy and forces for others, and you will bring dissonance in the affairs because endow all with that energy which the Universe on a fulfillment of your plans gave you, and yourself you will cut off power. And as a result like a dish-towel, you and half of what was planned will not be able to make this day. And it can promote that, as the fact that planned for a week, should be reconsidered. Freight of the planned, but not executed affairs, plans, will press on you, you will feel discomfort, will begin to be nervous and what will turn out?... If you planned to make something, wished something, the matrix of your desire was already created, but suddenly you refuse from conceived, and then on a matrix of one desire impose another and it turned out " vinaigrette; from your desires. Therefore take for the rule - all actions, plans, desires to consider carefully, to weigh all pros and cons, define as far as it is necessary for you and it is important at present. And, having assumed as a basis any desire, having made the plan - do not recede from conceived. And then - working with Universe Forces, with Space forces as a unit, you will be able to work wonders. Everything will come to you easily, here then you will become on truth for yourself a wizard. You, creating the life after careful consideration and responsibly, you will be happy and successful.

Go on life adequately, be so kind as, are generous, but not to the detriment of themselves. If you treat yourself with disrespect if you allow others to make changes to your plans, life, then who is guilty of it? Be owners of the life. Do both all acts and things so that first of all, you provide the interests. Nobody will put your interests above the. And you also arrive.