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Than the dogrose or Several recipes from the forest doctor of

Outside the middle of winter, and of course is useful, would be useful to support the organism with vitamins. Popular wisdom claims that the dogrose costs seven doctors. But doctors explain that it cannot be the only means for prevention and treatment of many diseases including avitaminosis.

This unusual plant - a bush from family rozotsvetny. He is a distant relative of regal roses. Its flowers though are bright, however are not a subject of admiration of poets as do not possess splendor. And many avoid it, without knowing that one of the most valuable plants which were presented by the nature to the person is behind unpretentious appearance.

On the useful properties the dogrose, has not equal. It is called a moneybox of vitamins, the forest doctor. Several centuries ago the dogrose was collected and used for treatment of various illnesses. Later official researches completely confirmed curative properties of a dogrose, and also opened new, unknown till this moment, advantages.

In vitamin C hips in 10 times more, than in blackcurrant, in 50 times more, than in lemons, in 100 times more than in apples. This vitamin, and also vitamins of group B, K, P, carotene contain both in leaves, and in petals of flowers. There are in fruits organic acids, essential oils, minerals and other most valuable substances, also necessary for activity of the person. And precious rose attar - a fragrant miracle of perfumery, a powerful remedy is stored in petals of the gentle flowers of a dogrose differing in delicate aroma. In dogrose seeds there is an oil containing valuable and rare vitamin E too, and roots are rich with tannins.

The medicine considers that the dogrose possesses zhelchegonny, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, all-strengthening, healing, antisclerous properties, improves a metabolism. Infusions and juice from hips can be applied at exhaustion of an organism and an anemia, infectious diseases, gastritises with the lowered acidity, atherosclerosis, a hypertension, cholecystitis, cholelithic and pochechnokamenny diseases. Anyway, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Infusions and teas from hips are useful also to healthy people as the wonderful substance increasing activity of an organism and increasing resistance to infectious diseases that especially valuably in the winter and in the spring.

As writes Pliny wise: The Fresh leaves of a dogrose pounded with lump sugar and accepted inside remove a lock. The smell of a leaf of a dogrose is very useful to those who on the character the choleric person, that is is by birth hot and dry as from a smell of a dogrose the headache what arises at choleric persons stops; from the same smell also cold what is at choleric persons from hot food will be appeased.

the Same color, fresh istolchenny, we put to fresh chirye, it will extend from them an inflammation. The same flower, fresh or dried, pound and mix with fresh honey yes with lump sugar, and cook on fire, and ointment will turn out; if to accept it, will extend all harmful phlegm and will strengthen all body of the person. The same color, in vinegar boiled, for the night put, and grease with that vinegar sore joints, from that the tumor will descend. If to put the same to the inflamed stomach, will remove a stomach inflammation also. Dogrose berries pounded, gums and teeth grate with them so the illness will leave. If those berries to weld and drink infusion, the diarrhea stops and the blood spitting will stop. We moisten with the same water eyelids of sore eyes from which there is a pus, and it helps them.

We make honey of color of a dogrose so: take honey fresh how many you want, and cook it, and collect foam that honey was pure, and filter it through a scarf, and color, having cut, pour into that honey both boil a little, and already it is ready; that means the body of the person is strengthened, as well as blood. Honey shipovnikovy structure is strong and, accepted inside, strengthens a body and blood, unichtozhayetvredny phlegms what arise from melancholy, and also exterminates also those harmful properties which appear from excessive phlegms. The juice from a shipovnikov of color accepted inside appeases a headache, but also drink such is useful to eyes .

From hips prepare curative tea - one tablespoon of dried fruits to fill in with a glass of boiled water, to insist 10 min. and to drink, adding sugar to taste.

Vitamin infusion of a dogrose - to fill in three tablespoons of dried fruits with two glasses of boiled water and to insist within several hours. To drink on a half-glass several times a day. For improvement of taste it is possible to add sugar.

- 8 tablespoons of dried fruits to fill in drink from a dogrose with 4 glasses of boiled water, to add 4 tablespoons of sugar and to boil 10 minutes. To insist 4 hours, to filter and pour in bottles.

- 100 g of fresh petals of a dogrose to fill in jam from dogrose petals with the sugar syrup prepared at the rate of 700 g of sugar on 1 l of water, to add 1 g of lemon acid, to bring to boiling and at once to pour in pure hot banks.

It is possible to roast, crush seeds of a dogrose on the coffee grinder and to make useful drink with pleasant aroma which can replace to you coffee.

In a word, include this remarkable plant in the diet.

I good luck!