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Let`s present we that we appeared in the Fantastic Country where all desires are granted, all dreams come true.

In this country are the Magic Castle of Desires, getting to which the person can receive everything that he wishes. Everyone has the room in this magnificent palace where everyone can have a rest, gain strength, cure se6ya, rejuvenate the organism, napityvayas by the miracle force and vital energy. Each person can change voluntarily the image, the destiny and vital conditions, i.e. create for himself any miracle.

And so you are ready? Then we begin mysterious travel, we go to this excellent country, and we will create for ourselves a miracle. You already know that miracles occur when the person trusts in them, they, promptly rushing into human life, create fine changes, attracting favorable situations, creating successful events, and attracting necessary people to the solution of tasks, fulfillments of desires, implementation of plans. The person is in an environment of energy of success and good luck, i.e. becomes the Wizard, and begins to create for himself new, happy reality, creating the new scenario of the life, creating the new image. You are ready? Here and perfectly!

We entered the wonderful palace. Its magnificence and luxury cause admiration, bewitching music sounds, marvelous aromas of a sandal-wood tree, roses of a myrtle and other surprising aromas weaken, napityvat soul pleasure, the feeling of winged sentiments, ease appears. In this palace there is your room belonging only to you. In this room it is cozy, you feel quietly, surely. There is all necessary in order that you could be engaged with enthusiasm in creative process on realization of the desires in life.

In the beginning you take a shower, you represent as silvery streams wash away from you all pain, sorrows, grieves, failures, disappointments, i.e. wash away from you all negative energy, clear your body, your energy, your organism. Then golden streams of a magic shower napityvat you by force, vital energy, youth, strengthening your power field, and strengthening it. You feel updated, sure, strong, purposeful, young and vigorous.

After a shower you take energy drink which fills you with the mighty force of Vital Energy. You sit down in a magic chair, this chair possesses surprising properties - it calms, weakens and at the same time strengthens intuition, and you, sitting in this chair, analyze all situations, events, receiving answers to all your questions. Then you take sheets of paper and, having divided a leaf into two halves, on one party write That it is not pleasant to me in itself . On other half of a leaf write: What I love myself " for;. On other half of a leaf write: What I love myself " for;. And be convinced that sometimes to Vanya`s uncle, or the aunt Mani`s neigbour we know about the neighbor more, and we can discuss for hours them, and about ourselves the most important person in the life, we just, and have no exact idea. We sometimes do not know and as we treat ourselves.

And now see that you wrote. If it will be more negative characteristics, the underestimated self-assessment means at you. And about what happy life can there be a speech if you do not love yourself, so, both you do not appreciate yourself, and you do not consider yourself worthy the best living conditions. Begin to analyze: What you so do not love yourself for? and why so crucially you treat yourself? What do you think of themselves, so and others concern you. If you do not love yourself, then why others have to love you? If you do not appreciate yourself, then why others have to appreciate you?

Then describe the affairs in which mood you are. Also analyse How you came to such life? . What there is no desire something to change? You like to live and so? All so live? You are not confident in yourself, doubt the forces and opportunities? And you tried to change something? Did attempts to deal with those questions which concern you tried to find the answer to them? Tried to learn themselves? And you know that answers to all questions facing you in you?

When you will sincerely wish to change a situation, to more safe when you wish to lead full life, no, not to serve life sentence in this World, namely to live and enjoy life and to create the life independently, on you to the written scenario, you will be able to find in yourself all answers to all questions. Also you will always receive hints by means of which you will avoid many mistakes, and problems. It is necessary only to learn to listen and hear himself, this world, and surrounding people . Everyone lives life. Also there is no person who would not make at least one mistake. And we, going on life, sometimes it nasovershay, as we cannot understand that we created. And then we complain and we begin to look for the reasons, stars not so settled down, Vanya with Manya wicked creatures such, here did . And the person where was at this time what allowed to create with himself, with the life it?

In each of us there is the Creator`s particle. But even the Creator did not begin to subordinate us to the will, he gave us full freedom, we are free from the moment of the birth in this world, so why we repeat empty phrases that everything depended on circumstances, from someone or something else there. Yes in us Mighty Force, we are children of the Universe. Creator`s children. So why we reject that Great Force which in us is put by the Creator, and we consider ourselves powerless, and we teach the children to it? Why we put in us an opportunity do not use on full power, and we ask for help of someone? Also we allow them to direct our destiny? What for?

all table of Mendeleyev, everything that exists on Earth, everything in us is present At our organism. So why we consider ourselves powerless? We the particle of this world and when we begin to understand it - opens before us a door to the World of miracles and Magnificence. And we any more not applicants. We become Creators of the life, the destiny. You begin to understand that all situations occur only from our consent. That it is pleasant to you, you also receive. You at restaurant that was ordered, also brought to you. And in Bank of the Universe that was ordered, received - in the form of events and situations.

Having analysed everything written by you, you come to a conclusion that it is much better and more useful to itself than darlings - to take care of the own life, and about yourself, to think, dream of the life, to make plans, to realize them, to aspire to heights and wellbeing in life. And the energy, time and force it is necessary on execution of the desires, to direct to improvement of the life, but not to an idle talk how there, at the neighbor of business go. Yes let he goes about this own business. And you decided now that you will not feed with the energy of strangers, and do not awake to spend on them the precious time, you will be engaged in the person now because you decided that you wish to be happy. You dare to become happy, and will be purposefully, actively in this direction to work, work, move, create. Also you make the decision that that day when you decided to change a lot of things in yourself, in the life came. Day - Great changes and disposal of problems, failures, obstacles.

Having understood all questions, you understand what depends only on you what will be you in what conditions you will live what will be your life, and your income. You are full of optimism, energy, force, persistence, to you a lot of things on a shoulder. You resolved that you will take care of the own life now, and will create for yourself worthy living conditions which you deserve, and you deserve all the best, fine, magnificent. Because you are worthy all very best excellent! And for this purpose we will learn to treat with respect and admiration for ourselves.