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If you wish to be the successful, rich person, so you have to acquire the rule that your money has to work for you.

But not to be unused, otherwise they are as if dissolved in space, here they, it seems, were, and not any more,. and where disappeared not clear.

Even if you wish to buy something, and you need postpone any sum you have to make it correctly. I.e. here the correct formulation is important. You can make to yourself a peculiar bank. I.e. you take a casket, such size that your money felt comfortably in this bank, to them was not close there. Or you can make of a cardboard a box. On " Bank; there has to be an inscription, I, (name) invest money for acquisition of the machine, the apartment, at home, (i.e. you specifies what you wish to get). And as far as possible you invest money for this acquisition, i.e. you do not save money, they are not unused at you, you invest money in acquisition, and already all necessary events for this purpose begin to be formed in the Universe in order that you received that you wish. But you, should not under no circumstances at all, spend this money for something another, otherwise will bring chaos and sustain losses. And in general take for the rule, you have to regulate always the finance meaning that have to distribute as where. First of all, receiving money, you have to postpone part for payment of accounts.

Always plan receipt and an investment of money. Get to yourself a notebook, and in it write down that you wish to get, where to invest money, and strictly follow these records. And always, even from small part leave some part of money. And here too you can create a peculiar BANK. Buy a casket, or make and write on it BANK of WELLBEING and at each receiving money fill up this bank. It can stand at you at office, can be at home. Put it in a zone of wealth or career. I.e. you will feed with energy the wellbeing. Work for the benefit.

In Bank, I already mean establishment of Bank, coins silver and gold are on sale. Buy a silver coin with a deer. You remember the fairy tale Silver hoof . The deer symbolizes wellbeing. And let your symbol of wellbeing attracts to you good luck, success, wealth.

Do all necessary payments (a rent, light, phone etc.) besides not with a bitter smile that here it is necessary to pay for the apartment again, light, water, and with a smile and the correct formulation you do, I invest the money for comfortable conditions of the activity. You do not pay debts, you invest the money for creation for yourself comfortable living conditions. And at you, in - the first, already other relation to these payments, and you already create the program of the activity, to live in comfortable conditions and this program begins to work. Because you realize this program through an egregor of money and therefore you will attract to yourself favorable circumstances.

Which will promote implementation of your program - to live in comfortable conditions, you invested money in it, you saturated with energy of a monetary egregor - a comfort egregor. And so in all spheres of life, you do not pay money, and put. You do not pay money for purchases you get for yourself fine things, you invest money in creation to yourself good mood, for a cosiness, for happiness. Be connected to happiness streams. Be not connected to streams of payment of debts, be connected to streams of insertion of money in positive programs. I.e. correctly formulate the words. Both the thought, and the word possesses powerful energy, in the ancient time people knew the word price. Now people sometimes without thinking, speak, and then cannot understand why so everything is bad at them in life.

Change words, thoughts, formulations of the desires. You say always, under all circumstances, about what wishes to attract in the life, i.e. you not by a taxi pay for travel, you invest the money that it was convenient to you, you do not buy a thing, you with pleasure invest money in a cosiness, create fine conditions for the life. Do everything with a smile, in great mood, also how you do investments in what mood is important. If you, buying something, think that you make expenditure and that there is no money, and it is not known when are, then you already create to yourself the program of shortage of money. And if you, making purchases any, formulate the words correctly, i.e. you invest money in something and do it with pleasure, then and result from these purchases will be perfect another.

You are an investor, but not the debtor. Repeat always I with pleasure go on life, and with pleasure I invest money in all necessary that life for me and my family was safe, happy. I prosper! . The Universe very much loves us and realizes our all programs concerning our life promptly. As at restaurant that was ordered, you receive. When some serious work is done with pleasure, it becomes easily, you will not notice as well as from where money undertakes, but will be enough for you for all yours I Want! And always you thank money, you thank the Creator, Universe Forces, the highest Forces of the Universe. And to you it will be easy and cozy in this world. On this beautiful planet Earth.

I wish you good luck and udach. I wish you to fall in love with myself, to fall in love, believe sincerely in myself and the forces. Everything in the person is put both trouble and pleasure. And the person chooses what to attract in the life. Correctly formulate the desires. Control the thoughts and words, you say ONLY ABOUT WHAT you WISH to ATTRACT IN the LIFE. Because any word pronounced by the person creates the program which is realized and the more often the person pronounces these words, the program started by the person is realized quicker.