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Thought materialization.

you something wish to have, attract some events, to grant dreams, desires, to realize plans, submit the solution of a necessary situation, in that direction in which you need it, concentrate on an image of the purpose and in the imagination scroll the scenario created by you, having put installation: Everything that I will conceive, will occur in that direction which will bring me success and good luck . The feeling of success around us creates unusual force the power field which attracts to us good luck. The person becomes the initiator of creation of situations which to it are necessary and desired. Regardless of the fact that you were fated on destiny.

Representing something, strain muscles, having made a deep breath, and hold the breath, and then on an exhalation you say that you wish. Energy of a body and action, having become energy of spirit, can change a lot of things in your life. But do not think of sad, do not remember failure. That negative energy which you introduce to the field, remembering sad events, can bring you many troubles. Do not think of others, do not remember offense. When the person is offended on someone, he carries the offender as if on himself. you present to

a situation so what you wish to have it. You can paint it that color in which you wish and fill with energy, represented by you.

Our words have power information structure. Also it is necessary to remember power - information exchange when you think of something, you make some acts, you pronounce words, all this registers in the field of the person. And according to this information life events are also formed. The thought, an image can be created in the mental sphere and to attract to himself these or those of energy, i.e. the mental design (an event matrix) and when the person periodically thinks of something is created it napityvat energy this design, and it materializes in his life.

That is why in anger, irritation, it is especially important to control words and emotions, the told word, (and even the flown thought) at the moment when you are angry, and an energy splash more powerful, you can create the negative program if you speak about something unpleasant. And this program is realized even if you also do not wish that. Therefore know the price to each word and each thought. Therefore it is always necessary to be careful not only in the words, but also in the thoughts.

Sometimes ask why working on future events, it is necessary to represent everything in the moment here - and - now. And therefore not to interrupt process of creation and not to break off power - information chain. You should not do jump in the future, you now in it it have to is a high time from the present moment having created a matrix of desirable events, to saturate these events with energy of creation and realization. And then process of work on the program of events will create a power chain and your desires will be granted.

And if you got used to jump in temporary space, to the past you come back, to the future you fly, power information chain of events is interrupted. And as a result your desire will not be granted. And if you constantly also rush about, you live past, suddenly you bethink and you begin to build castles in the air, without any system you spend energy, in your life there will be no stability neither in the material sphere, nor in emotional nor in any another. Therefore if you wish to become the happy, successful person, live in the moment here - and - now. There is only an instant between the past and future, but it is called Life . That`s it this instant here - and - now is called life. During this instant we also create the destiny. And depends on us what it will be this destiny.

Somehow one person told me that they in firm where he works, decided to spend day of compliments. They told each other all day pleasant, kind words, sincerely spoke, wishing to tell it. Collective small, seemingly amicable, but the fact that they noticed that day passed remarkably is interesting, made the bigger volume of work, the mood was all day fine, all smiled, and this day the feeling of a unification and spiritual proximity appeared. They had a feeling of pleasure from communication.

We seldom tell each other warm, gentle words. And it is a pity. Now it is considered to be that everyone in itself, everyone for. But it is not right, the lone wolf is not positive, not heroic, and, most likely a mournful image. The person will be able to become really happy only when he is in harmony with himself, with the family and in harmony with this wonderful World surrounding us.

Sometimes something is not pleasant to us in surrounding people, but surrounding people reflect us. It is not necessary to change the world, it is also magnificent, as well as thousands years ago, it is necessary to change itself in the beginning, to clear the soul. To learn to be kinder and wiser. And then to all of us more comfortably in this world will live. Envy, criticism, condemnation, gossips how many people spend forces, energy, time for condemnation someone.

But cannot understand, that first of all everyone condemning, criticizing, i.e. experiencing negative emotions, pronouncing spiteful words first of all harms itself. Steals from himself time which could direct to improvement of the life, and leads others life, he thinks of others, speaks about others, and for itself it lacks neither time, nor forces, nor energy any more. Besides its power information field writes down radiations of negative energy, starting not favorable programs which will start negative events, will attract problems and diseases, troubles and sorrows.

Therefore do not create to yourself problems. Thinking well of others, you first of all are good to yourself, having adjusted on salutary vibration waves. Thinking badly, disgustingly of others, always you remember that any act, any word, thought register in a power information field of the person, and according to these records and is under construction human life and his relatives. I wish you good luck and wellbeing! Be happy and loved!