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Why on February 12 run with frying pans, throwing pancakes?

As with confidence can be asked Russian, foreknowing the answer - What Russian does not love fast driving? it is also possible to ask a question - What Russian does not love pancakes?

Humourous catchphrase We with you are in love: you - in potato, I - in pancakes! I for the first time heard in the childhood from the grandmother, and the real opening, or even revelation was for me what, appears, here so fine and neatly it was possible to characterize my sincere feelings of that time to pancakes. I was rather in love with them!

The grandmother Aksinya very often baked pancakes and before going to school, I with appetite could send to a mouth a couple - another thin, gentle blinok dipping them in the kindled oil. And then were not terrible to me Xing any more - the black morning sky in a star crumb, a hard Siberian frost behind walls of our small lodge Thanks to pancakes to me it was warm to the school.

Real pancake revelry occurs at Russians and at many other people for Maslenitsa, before Easter. All know

, of course, what these Pancake week festivities are. Here both songs, and dancing, and performances of musical and variety collectives, and drivings from mountains, and competitions with competitions (on the best joke, or who will climb on a column also will remove a rooster or boots), and improvised skits

abounding with clowneries, focuses and fireworks But to guess it as guessed in England and Kansas (USA) where they celebrate on February 12 Day of pancake - to races with frying pans and pancakes on them, - it also did not dream the Russian people Founder of it original genre there was a certain housewife - the Englishwoman frying once on the kitchenette is silent - peacefully pancakes But it did it absolutely in improper day, namely - in day of the Lent.

Having been lost in day-dreams, probably, how it will absorb the tasty creations now - with oil, honey, or with a smentanka, and can be even with strawberry jam, - she also forgot that it is time to go to church and when the bell-ringing calling citizens on festive service the poor woman was distributed as was, in a cap, an apron and with a frying pan in a hand, rushed in church at full speed.

The frying pan with a heat about a heat very much heated and therefore pancake had also to be thrown few times directly on the run that did not burn. At least, the legend so claims. There was this amusing case which allegedly laid the foundation of tradition pancake races in the town of Olni in Great Britain in 1445. Olni`s inhabitants are eyewitnesses of incident - in the majority, it is visible, merrily odd fellows, even were not surprised and furthermore they did not laugh at the absent-minded hostess and turned a cheerful incident into festive tradition.

Since 1445 pancake races approved by officially monarch, began to be carried out annually over all country, and on their homeland in Olni became the most known and prestigious competitions. Women of different age in a " uniform; hostesses - the embroidered skirts, aprons and lacy kerchiefs, had to run a certain distance on the central street, from time to time throwing pancake on a frying pan.

Now future participants train in races - pancake - baking all year. But from several thousand pretenders select only 30 people. The record in the fastest run from a market square to church (400 m) belongs to Natali Thomas who ran a distance in 1,06 minutes.

This tradition lives not one century though it and was interrupted from time to time by such sad events as Scarlet and White Roza`s war or World War II in the 20th century. But, revived in 1948 by the vicar Olni Roland Collins, the ancient tradition recovered again, and in the same 48 - ohm thirty volunteers - hostesses ran on Olni`s streets again.

And soon, in 1950 it sport also residents the Liberal (the USA, the State of Kansas) were inspired, having become interested in newspaper photos of the running women then races turned already into the international event. Kanzastsa decided to compete as within the country, among themselves, and with British from Olni. On what that, proud of the custom, readily agreed.

And since then Olni and the Liberal annually exchange delegates, carrying out races in due form of the real competitions - with registration of time, prizes and celebrations in honor of winners. And to eat the pancakes which did not fall from frying pans during races it is considered especially prestigious and therefore the audience too compete for this right among themselves. The last day before the Lent which is called at Catholics Guilty Tuesday (in French Mardi Gras - Fat Tuesday ) - it is the last chance before the Post when it is possible to be full oil pancakes.

In it is old - the English traditional recipes of pancakes ale was surely used. The German and French pancakes syuzett, thin and crackling, turn roll or put four times, warming up then them in citrus juice, liqueur and oil sauce with sugar.

Mexican tortilyas is a similarity of pancake in which turn different, but is more often a bean or meat stuffing with tomato sauce. The American pancakes - the thickest are also similar more to fritters. They are given with bacon and fried tomatoes, and sweet option - with maple syrup. If you decide to bake pancakes this day, then what - what, and recipes of this dish in ours Shkolezhizni you will find much. And it is possible to eat them with what the soul will wish: both with oil, and with sour cream and sugar, and with an ikorka red, and with mushrooms.

And it is possible to turn in pancake all what is wanted depending on your imagination. Jam, jam, meat, cottage cheese, it is even possible to make a shrimp stuffing! And this - the simplest recipe to you for a reference point :

liter of milk (slightly warm),

1 egg,

tablespoon of sugar,

of 12 spoons of flour,

of 1,5 St of a spoon of sunflower oil;

at first we pound flour with egg, sugar and salt, having added a little milk (and it is better to do milk in half with water - on 0,5l that and that) that there were no lumps. Then we add other milk, sunflower oil - and on a skovorodochka.

of appetite Pleasant to you!