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If are constantly scattered, you stumble and fight about everything in what a problem?

As consider a question at once three events which take place in human life, that is sense to deal with everyone in order that a conclusion and council which will be given became not only effective, but also clear.

If you become absent-minded that did not happen so far to you, then the similar fact says that something seriously disturbs you. Your thoughts and your attention is engrossed by that question which is for you important, unlike what occurs around.

And if you know a question, that time to come to a certain conclusion. For this purpose answer the following questions: You know how to resolve this issue with benefit for yourself? You can make that you offered in the answer to the previous question? You are ready (morally and really) that you can fail?

It is quite enough these questions to begin the movement in that question which occupies your attention. And if at least on one question you did not give a firm answer DA the situation, in particular personally for you, still is at the level of maturing.

It is no secret that for each process and for each situation there are time and the readiness. These simple questions can help you to orient in whether time came.

Having received the answer or answers is not present mentally postpone reflections over a question. Tell yourself what needs to be waited that you, and a situation became ready for permission.

Return to reflection over questions not earlier than in a day. And it is better in other time, having shifted the intellectual researches for the hour ahead or back from the previous term.

Not the fact that to be necessary for you several days to find clarity. But the fact that your absent-mindedness will disappear together with your misunderstanding of how will arrive otherwise - quite certain fact.

If you stumble not so often, but at the same time there are painful bruises it means that you periodically go counter to own opinion. You think one, but speak and do another. Perhaps to please to someone`s opinion, desire or aspiration. Anyway to you it not on temper and you can feel it on own skin.

To understand, where exactly you are not right in relation to yourself most often it is possible in the place in which you stumble. At work - problems with colleagues and the administration. Houses - with close people. On the street or in public transport - with friends and acquaintances. Pay attention to the place and an environment and you will be able to understand what you do not so.

You stumble during the day, but there are at the same time no painful feelings and any consequences? Means, the problem with which you are anxious at present is not visible to you in full, is only formed, and you can make the incorrect decision if you continue the movement in the same mode.

If stumbled on the way to a meeting or for work, then it signals that you are inattentive to those with whom you work or communicate: at present time you pass by yourself important and necessary, what really now is necessary for you.

To stop being scattered, it is necessary just to stop and think after the next such case over what occurs in your life. Spend on it so much time how many it will be required. The reflection will do good. And time spent in introspection will always bring positive results.