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What to do if everything went to lives wrong way?

Processes under the name wrong way begin from - for the fact that we, making some acts, go against ourselves against makes a basis of our destiny.

Ours destinies is presented to interrelations 4 - x the main components which influences develop in reality and form what we can safely call events of our life.

The first component is the Personality - character, habits, tendencies, preferences and all that it is possible to carry to clear and obvious personal characteristics.

The second component forming our destiny - parents. It included such aspects as how

of people was brought up also how it realizes the education.

The third component - the spouse (or the partner, the friend) acts as the basic correcting element of the present and future. Its council, the help, support, as well as the fact of its existence is able to exert impact on many acts which we make.

Career (or work) to belong to 4 - mu to a component. It is realization of potential of the person, his opportunities and personal potential. The place where the person can gain real development of what it possesses.

If something was not taken, then first of all from - for the fact that in some of the listed aspects we began to go against ourselves, the destiny, nature. People to please to benefit, interest act this way, endowing something that it seems unimportant, but further is by all means reflected in destiny and the course of habitual events.

And than longer the person is engaged in self-deception, the longer than people I endow myself for the sake of illusive benefit, the problems more " are stronger; destructions which come in his life.

The first what it is worth beginning with, having faced approach of such period? to calm down. Everything will only worsen, aggravated with concern and irritation if you do not get it together. The active desire to get rid of a problem is not a key to the solution of this task.

The second - switch the attention to those aspects that did not undergo influence of problems. Difficulties at work - pay attention to the spouse (or to friends), difficulties with the spouse - be engaged in self-development. It is not substitution of concepts, and a temporary respite which will allow to return to normal to the loosened system of the personality. And there it is already possible to make decisions.

The third. After you defused tensions from that sector in which failures began, it is possible to return to judgment of the reasons of the events. Most often, after time, they become obvious and moreover, you have forces and opportunities for change of the fact that not to be pleasant to you.

Besides global councils there are also simpler, but not less effective. Change

a habitual cycle, a habitual rhythm of life which is created by you and circumstances around you. Get up on an hour earlier. Sit, think, just watch TV or read the book. All people? adherents of cycles, beginning from natural and finishing public, and, entering a rhythm bad luck you will be able to leave it if replace this rhythm. Changes will begin not suddenly, but after the first week new rhythm you will begin to notice a difference, will see that new prospects and new ideas began to appear.

During the period, difficult for themselves be moderately self-critical and moderately sociable. Hold the ground and you will be able to receive from life more, than you assumed.