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What is created in supermarkets at night? Or once upon a time there were the prices...

Once upon a time there were the Prices. They lived on counters of shops directly on goods or near them and were very various: big and small, with discounts and without, laminated on a metal stick and simple, paper, written by the marker diluted with threefold cologne.

But united their one: all Prices suddenly began to grow. Perhaps the abnormal summer heat affected, or they To Rastishk from Danon tried out, or went crazy, eventually. Nobody knew the answer. The prices all grew and grew, nothing was in force to stop this broiler growth.

Even the wife of the Minister of Economics who too sometimes came into shop discontentedly askanced at them, but all the same reached for the darling, fairly risen in price cheese with a mold. The prices under her look embarrassed, hesitated which - what even tried to hide for neigbours, however could make nothing with the abnormal increase.

What is going on? Someone will explain to me? - twenty-five-percent sour cream was indignant, - With such life and it is possible to turn sour! Have you ever seen anything like it, that for all day me only two bags bought? Resemble around, will moan, and then are developed and vareniki back in the refrigerator bear!

It still nothing - long loaf responded, - at you though are not expressed, only sigh. And I in a today am so much about our deputies and the president heard that the crust began to crumble! And rich rolls with raisin that on the top shelf, in general dried up. What do you want? Mollycoddles!

" oil bottle; Oleyna angrily sparkled a golden side in cold store light: No! You only present! Instead of me take this plebeyka Dykanka ! Now it - the most popular! In total why? Because is cheaper, than I! And who provoked it? Prices! Where still grow - that? All of them rod and rod!

Here the vote was given by eggs. They exorcized everything at once: Nightmare! Lawlessness! We soon as Faberge let`s cost!

The unimaginable rumble rose. Everyone, whether it be herring, toilet paper or glazed cheese curd complained of the troubles and unanimously blamed for them the Prices! And they, poor, shivered under a hail of claims not in forces something to change or even to object.

Here in pass between racks, leaned on a stick, the grandmother hobbled to the grain shelf. Her eyes behind fat lenses of points watered, and it continually brought the washed-off checkered scarf to the person. All abated. The grandmother stretched a small dry palm to city long loaf, put it in a basket and bent to the price tag. Having made out it, she returned long loaf into place and began to study cards with the prices.

Passing from one price tag to another (the choice was quite big), the granny, eventually, took a half of a gray loaf and approached a rack with dairy products. Also attentively having considered the prices, she put to herself two packages of serum and one fat-free, cheapest milk. Even without having looked at a show-window with sausages and cheeses, the grandmother, hard leaning on a stick, started wandering to cash desk.

Here so - fermented baked milk sadly exhaled, - earlier it at least Bifidok could buy, and now what?

There is a wish to Hang when it by passes - it is suppressed raw smoked sausage responded.

Till the night goods on shelves exchanged words, being indignant and complaining. Then the light was turned off, and all fell asleep.

And the Prices grew by the next morning again...