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Where to find the house?

Not always that place where you live, it is possible to call the house and furthermore the. And business here not in lack of personal property to real estate. Just the apartment or a mansion stop being only walls, separating that inside, from the fact that outside at that very moment, when their internal space comes to life. When it has a soul. And then walls - not just divide the world into two parts. They protect a jewelry. Which name - the house.

What forces people to rise and be engaged every morning in some affairs, to look for, change work and to work, spend a great lot of forces and time and even to go on crimes, finally, it is reduced to the embodiment of dream of the house, to thirst of the house and to search of the house somewhere on the planet Earth. All roads conduct not to Rome. They conduct to the house.

And what is the house? What all-consuming thirst is? Someone calls it heat of soul, someone a cosiness, and someone feeling that you are loved and necessary somewhere.

And not incidentally recently popularity of furniture from a natural tree, mats of handwork, linen linen and " style so grew; country in interior design. These are those things in which put heart and soul, they keep heat of hands, they are really real. They as though smell of " pies;. In the house has to smell of pies, the truth? And by and large, it is melancholy - on true, on live. It is melancholy for love

the Main secret consists that the house, as well as life, begins inside, in heart of the person. If not to realize or forget it about it, it is possible to get to a trap of own illusions. Illusions that if there is money, then there will be also walls, there will be walls - there will be also a design, there will be a design - there will be also a house. It is all the same that carefully to select color of a tile for kitchen, to puzzle over whether new wall-paper will be well combined with fashionable curtains and to forget about kitchen quarrels.

The house begins with feelings of residents, with their desire and aspiration to live together, with forgiveness of offenses, indulgence to shortcomings, with victories over irritability. With love for the neighbor . Even, if the person lives one, his house begins with the world in soul.

To whom the thought of return in " is familiar; house where alcoholism, roughness, a grief, lie, are not necessary to that proofs that their house needs the solution of the main problems, and already then creation of a cosiness and a delicacy of an interior. Because the house makes sense, value and life only when someone lives in it. His residents are his soul, its center. If in their life the order - is an order, a cosiness and beauty in the house. They will just be put (not without efforts, of course).

When such house problems are solved - it is possible to call it miracle and happiness it is similar to the birth of the child or resurrection from the dead. Why? Because the house is very close - in the person. But often it seems infinitely far, sometimes it is easier to carry away ton of bricks, than to forgive. Than to make itself silent and not to be irritated in reply. Than to tell the truth. Than to tell I love you .

The real house - it is valid a jewelry. Inheritance which is transferred to children, in which and walls help and about which with pleasure speak: my fortress .