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Where there leaves the circus? About policy...

What we have army? Only war can give the answer to this question. Wars happen different. Will attack there was Georgia on part of our former USSR, we here. We are involved by all fighting orders in the Roksky tunnel and we extinguish them from machine guns. Or from revolving objects . Or from all systems, capable to muffle the Ukrainian air defenses, made at us.

Here, for example, Estonia will go to us war. On purpose a fast victory to extinguish discontent of the electorate with consequences of an economic crisis. Their army will enter our Pskov region and will be gone there in snow. Who will look for the Estonian army in our Pskov region if it is required. The Ministry of Emergency Situations -? Obviously are not ready. Their pensioners burn in Komi with the Soviet Socialist Republic, nobody can understand why. Shoygu digs the earth, receives awards from the Homeland, and pensioners burn down. The old man it is more, the old man it is less - from the Homeland, of course, will not decrease. And what Shoygu`s advantage from these pensioners and Homeland? Could die slowly and imperceptibly. As others. And here noise all over the country. Television, press.

Putin come and leave, and Russia remains. With what remains. With the burned-down old men or capable of something bigger? There is a wish to understand and forgive, but meanwhile - that is impossible.

Kudrin, Shuvalov, Dvorkovich - good showmen. To them the program on TV to conduct - The Circus left . So amuse public - even to gripes. Will pull out a rabbit from the cylinder and back hide it - all are filled in. - show the principle and skhovay till the best times. But rabbits will obviously not be enough for all.

And so, about army. The former director of furniture store heads it. Brave and clever general and - la Suvorov in the Fatherland was not. Well - happens. Not all to submit the Alps. It is very difficult to present the modern Russian general sliding on a bum together with the soldiers from the Swiss hill. The oligarch modern accompanied by protection - easily. And here - excuse pokovodets together with soldiers. However, we can sell walls - we can direct regiments. The logic, in principle, is clear. But if attack really, but not as greenhorn Sakashvili - we will beat off?

Open eyes more widely and think the head at least once in life. Our army is much weaker Soviet than a sample of 1980. And if do not attack us yet, then only because we on figs are necessary to nobody. Bye. Though Georgia already dared and shot down several our planes. Imagine that to Stalin, as if you did not treat him, put such information on a table. Where now there would be this Georgia?

Our circus tries to give all new representations and to attract on them as much as possible public. Clowns drop off on the arena. Tigers growl, jugglers throw balls, the stallmaster amuses the audience. But soon - a curtain. The chapiteau will be blown off and will go to other city. Whether there will be after departure of circus clowns, here a question?