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Why and how to reanimate the grain remains?

Bread - to all the head - popular wisdom says. But not everyone remembers this truth and often in life handle this food respected from time immemorial not in the most worthy way. There was unfinished a bread piece - threw out, long loaf slices - and them hardened there Meanwhile, representatives of the senior generations treat bread as it also demands that: carefully, with honor and respect.

I have one familiar woman who endured in due time the Siege of Leningrad. Communication with it always opens a lot of new and useful. An example is also its surprising relation to bread which price she knows firsthand.

All members of this family are brought up on real military stories which help to look differently at each casual grain crumb on a table. In this house know that bread is not just traditional addition to a lunch or a dinner, it not only fragrant and tasty pastries Bread is life, it is force, this health Remember

, Andersen has one very wise fairy tale which and is called The Girl who stepped on " bread;? The heroine hurrying to visit parents passed a bog with a loaf in hands. The girl so was afraid to soil the strange shoes that, without thinking twice, threw bread into dirt. Transformation into a bird who flew and selected wheat grains and crumbs of bread everywhere to return that loaf which she foolishly threw on the earth was punishment by it. Whether it is not one more striking example which teaches us to careful attitude to bread?

What to do if bread, for example, hardened, you will tell? You will not give the dried-up piece by a lunch, and it is a pity to throw out an exit Is. Bread can be rescued, returned to life, having prepared from it something not only edible, but also tasty. Having shown the imagination and having made a minimum of efforts in kitchen, it is possible to please easily and quickly the members of household with something from that culinary list which well was familiar still to our dear grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Here some options

Grain soup. This simple dish can think as the first literally in only a few minutes. Quickly, also the main thing - well is easy. On 300 g of stale bread we by need 50 g of butter, 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 bulb, salt and greens.

Soup so prepares :

1. Dry grain crusts fry on oil together with small cut greens and the chopped onions.

2. Shift the received weight in a pan, fill in with water and bring to boiling.

3. All mix, add cut in cubes (or crushed on a large grater) egg. In 3 minutes grain soup is ready!

Grain kvass. the Most beloved drink not of one generation prepares very simply, but perfectly satisfies thirst, is tasty and useful. On 1 kg of stale rye bread 5 - 7 liters of water, 0,5 glasses of sugar are required , it is a little yeast, 2 tablespoons of flour.

Scheme of actions is as follows:

1. we put Pieces of stale bread in a pan, we fill in with boiled water and we leave for the night.

2. we filter Next day, we add the sugars and yeast divorced in warm water with flour, previously sustained about an hour.

3. we Put kvass to the warm place on couple of days. Then we cool and we enjoy a miracle - drink.

Grain croutons.

it is pertinent to b to prepare them in case bread for these days (for example, holidays) was bought too much, and to eat all stocks in time, alas, feel that you will not be in time any more. Quickly made croutons will be fine addition, for example, to a plateau of borsch or any other soup. And, above all - any harmful additives and chemistry.

So, we take disposed bread, we cut it in cubes or strips, we sprinkle a small amount of any vegetable oil. At will it is possible to pepper or salt. We put in an oven for 20 - 30 minutes, depending on the chosen temperature. As soon as you notice a pleasant shade and tremendous aroma - it is possible to take out.

Bon appetit, good traditions to your families and good health!