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How there live settled Roma? Several facts from their life. Part 2

we Will continue a subject of how there live Roma who ceased to wander. I will remind that I learned about all these features of the Gipsy life having visited one small village which is near my city. Residents of the village responded to my request to tell about Roma and actively shared impressions with me about them.

The fact 7

In rural shop to me were told that in difference from Russians who want to buy products better, and cheaper at the same time Roma always buy the best and expensive. They never save on food.

The fact 8

Occurs opinion that all Roma swindlers and thieves. And so, to confirm or disprove this opinion I talked to the rural district police officer. As he works in the village only 2 years, could tell only about this period of time. In the village there were no cases of thefts in which local Roma and detentions for drug traffic appeared or moonshine for these 2 years was not . The only thing what was mentioned by the district police officer - it is knife wound which with spring of last year was put by the Gipsy to the fellow villager, now he is condemned for it and is in places of detention. From this story it is possible to draw a conclusion that the opinion on thieves and swindlers can be disproved.

The fact 9

Though Roma also lodged in the village, but to rural truck farming affairs and animal husbandry they do not feel big love. Only some grow up vegetables on the kitchen garden, and part cattle, and absolutely units.

The fact 10

It is far more pleasant to have a sleep till 12 in the afternoon. And they lay down much more later, than other locals. At the nights they long do not sleep because they very much like to sit all night long in front of the TV.

The fact 11

Will see enough " movies; The devil carries Prada will sleep, will get up in the morning in 12 and to the city on shops hurry, it is necessary to follow the fashion. This feature of many Roma too is thought up not by me, inhabitants claim that people of this nationality, and especially young Gipsies, very much like to put on fashionably, expensively and beautifully.

Fact 12

A, from where money for expensive clothes and jewelry?

Speak, rural Roma, here only work where they work, none of locals know. All answer this question approximately equally: shrug shoulders with the words and who knows them? .

Can do everything - opinion swindlers and thieves you should not sweep aside then?

The fact 13

Some residents of the village consider that guardianship became one of earnings of Roma recently. At this nationality it is not accepted as at Russians to send children to orphanages therefore the children who were left without parents for any reason remain in a family with grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and so on. It even on a hand to Roma, in this case they not only care for children of the relatives, but also as trustees receive for it money from the state.

The fact 14

for anybody not a secret that the Russian people like to drink vodka, especially inhabitants of rural areas. And so, Roma prefer to vodka less hard liquors, for example, beer.

The fact 15 by

Even when to nimsjezzhatsya guests, and there is it rather often, Roma do not get drunk to delirium tremens they always have a measure. Villagers tell that if Roma have a holiday, then music sounds on all street, cars gather much. But it does not disturb neighbors because in due time music is switched off and fun stops.

The fact 16 the Funeral at Roma differs in

from a funeral at Russians. In that village which I visited in 20 years (so much there lives the Gipsy diaspora) buried the Gipsy only once. For villagers there was unusual a fact that the funeral table was laid directly on the street and invited to it everyone who passed by.

Be continued.