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How there live settled Roma? Several facts from their life. Part 1

In Eduard Asadov`s poem on Roma is the lines Not for nothing Tolstoy before death told: As I am sorry that I will not hear more Roma! . If to trust them, then the Russian people have to love Roma, at least for their fine singing. But actually the situation is a little differently. Here at least such fact: 70% of the acquaintances interrogated by me told that at the sight of people of the Gipsy nationality on the street they will show special vigilance and will try to pass as soon as possible by, and 25% in general will hurry to come over to other side. And only a few people told that they do not see any difference goes to volume of Roma by them or Russian.

In this regard I had a question: and what actually people of the Gipsy nationality? One my acquaintance in the village which is near my city has a familiar Gipsy family, and I decided to ask it to acquaint me with them. And there and opinion of villagers on them it will be possible to learn.

When you live in the city, you have a choice: to meet Roma whether to communicate with them or to steer clear of them, and here to residents of the village which I visited to learn more about Roma the destiny did not leave the choice. The Gipsy diaspora located in this settlement in 1988, that is already 20 years were not day that Russians were not crossed on the street with people of this nationality. Having talked to the Russian residents of the village I found out a set of the interesting facts from life of rural Roma.

The fact 1

Residents of the village tell that in 20 years one Gipsy families were constantly replaced by others, Roma moved from one house to another, went to live to other settlements, again came back to this village and again left it. Probably, though Roma also decided to become settled, but nevertheless their nomadic temper has an effect, and they cannot sit still therefore they move off at way in searches of the better life again and again.

The fact 2

Today 36 officially registered Roma live in the village. BUT, in the Village Council mentioned that actually the Gipsy in the village is approximately twice more, the others are simply not registered. Locals explain such situation with the fact that Roma very hospitable nation, and by the traditions they cannot expel the guest of their house until he does not decide to leave therefore the tribesman can progostevat day or two, and also several months can.

The fact 3

some such guests even have no passport also other documents, including the medical policy. About it I was told by the manager feldshersko - obstetric point in the village. Medical care however should be provided to all: both registered, and not registered, and with medical poles, and that who does not have it.

The fact 4 Continuing by

a medical subject I will tell that Roma, despite the natural fortress and resistance to diseases, very much like to be treated. They quite often visit a rural first-aid post. Diseases at this nationality the same, as at Russians: catarrhal diseases of the SARS type and flu, adults quite often have hypertensive diseases.

The fact 5 If for the Russian people moving to the new house is equated by

to accident, so much it is necessary to collect and transfer, then it seems to locals that for Roma it is only game. They move very often, and not only from one settlement to another, but also from one house in next. There is a feeling that moving for Roma is an obligatory component of their happy life.

The fact 6

Despite frequent movement, Roma manage to maintain purity and a cosiness in the houses. The manager of a rural first-aid post who in connection with a position sometimes should be in the Gipsy houses, told that not collected suitcases on a case of the next moving, and beds which are accurately made by snow-white covers are evident. Any trunks with things, any dirty ware and pieces of utensils scattered on all house. They love when in their house purity and an order. The same can be told also about their yards: rusty iron does not roll, the woodpile is accurately put, the garbage is built It is built and exposed for a fencing. It causes indignation because " in locals; not only that will not even think to clean garbage after a fencing, so they also the will expose that wind on all street inflated it .

To be continued