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All of us think of money and that money thinks of us?

Exist a set of courses of increase of financial literacy and planning of the personal budget. The majority of them, at best, harmless and very informative lectures about planning of personal expenses and the income. Slightly expensive seminars on a subject where to invest money.

Also roguish schemes it seems come across: Bring me five thousand dollars, and there will be to you happiness various schools of the local millionaire . In other words, information for the person aspiring to grow and cherish to himself a solid kapitalets, more than is enough. And there are also exotic doctrines, special monetary mantras, receptions the fan - Shui

I as often we listen to councils of the next financial guru or we invent own system of financial improvement, and result at best - zero! I offer before to put aside the clever books written, certainly, by clever people, to carry out small personal financial diagnostics. In other words, to present how your money feels, being near you.

For this purpose get the note (Dengu) from a wallet (or what replaces it). And from a name Money tell its story. Except that action in itself rather amusing, it allows to answer very serious questions and to reveal your true relation to money.

During experiment let Denga will answer you such questions:

1. What it, Denga - big or small? (What face value?)

2. How many at it girlfriends? (Whether there are a lot of other money?)

3. What girlfriends at it? Whether foreigners meet? (The currency is present at a purse / pocket / brassiere?)

4. How the owner treats it? Whether loves? Whether cares for that Denge and her girlfriends wanted to come to it?

5. What does the owner do that Denge at him it was good?

6. Whether comfortably Denge in her lodge (a purse / pocket / brassiere, etc.) . Ask Dengu to describe where she lives.

7. What Denga will be spent for and how soon?

8. After Dengu spend how soon new residents will lodge in a lodge? Whether it will be good them there? Whether can recommend a deng to new tribespeople of the present owner?

Here to you approximate stories which can force to worry enough.

The owner trifles with Denge and dares to rastasovyvat her girlfriends on pockets and various compartments that it was easy to get and buy beer. Earns easily, spends too easily. Because he is a student and girlfriends to Denge come from parents of the owner which main goal - study and slightly to earn additionally.

The hostess - the young girl, a lodge for money can be slightly elaborate, expensive firm and correspond on style to its handbag. Also she can settle Money on several such lodges and periodically forget about them. At a purse there can be absolutely irrelevant neighbors: notes, business cards of hairdressing salons and beautiful photos. Money comes easily, long is not late and for a long time they do not last. Will be spent, most likely, for clothes or some magnificent spirits in the right frame of mind. She loves money, there are they at her life rather often, sources - vary.

And here such interview can throw in shock.

The Denga tells that it practically has no girlfriends. She lives in the fragmentary sock hidden in a side pocket of an old sports bag. Uncomfortably is to it, and it cannot wait to leave this, if one may say so, the house. Foreigners look time in a five-years period on it, and the owner cannot wait to spend it because a hangover...

However, such owner will hardly begin to read this article and to think of the life. Eventually, our relation to money - a projection of the relation to life. What the owner spends Dengu first of all for - for him at the moment most in priority. Whether it be study, work or credit. In the same way the person himself can define as far as he has enough money and how soon spent new succeed: it is a question of his self-confidence and the future.

It interview - it is simple to glance one more way in himself and to estimate, it is how correct in relation to itself and to the future you arrive. And if interview did not please you, you should not be upset - just think what can be changed. Do not forget that owner of the rich person in this case - you.