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Home children`s library: with what books to fill it? Reading - game

is Already more than forty years on April 2, at birthday of Hans Christiaan Andersen, the International day of the children`s book is around the world celebrated.

This holiday is thought up to remind adults of that wonderful time when they still were children, and parents read them books...

And meanwhile, other children come to the world, they grow too, and they are read by fathers too and mothers - this circulation is infinite.

But in spite of the fact that new remarkable authors appear and write new interesting fairy tales, we continue to read to children of the book of our childhood, making a basis of home children`s library.

And how to understand the world of novelties? How it is correct to choose the book for the kid - from the birth and till that strange time when the bred child, having given smacking kiss to careful mummy in a cheek, hurries in institute, hasty pulling out in the subway a compact hybrid of the netbook with a pager in which the loving daddy already downloaded the first ten thousand books?

At once I will make a reservation - article does not set as the purpose drawing up the full catalog for reading at prepreschool, preschool and school age! More likely, it is just attempt to understand that the bright, glossy and attracting parental looks abundance which fell upon counters of bookstores in recent years.

Now, unfortunately, children`s books often became similar to import candies - bright candy wrapper reliably hides absolutely inedible contents. Or on the contrary - the good author, the remarkable text, but quality of the book so low that the parent, sadly sighing, puts creation back on the store shelf.

I remember the childhood - always read to me! Parents, the old man read, and the granny told fairy tales. Simple Russian fairy tales - about a turnip and Kolobok, about Ivan - the Tsarevitch and the Grey Wolf and others - such fascinating, interesting, to my eternal fright are closer to the final - and suddenly today the fairy tale will end not so?

By four years I learned to read itself, but still most of all loved in the evening, having nestled on a shoulder someone from adults, to listen as read to me.

I grew up, read to younger sister and the senior children, nephews, and now here again quite consciously I endure this moment with younger - the evening readings burning in an eye anticipation, the fairy tale for the night...

So we read to the children? With what books we fill children`s library? Here everything on age depends, on preference of parents and on that time which you are ready to give to children`s reading.

Aged from three months to one and a half years the font of books is not of great importance, and here on illustrations and quality of paper (cardboard) it is necessary to pay special attention as books at this age are not only object of development of visual perception , but also a subject of fixed flavoring studying.

For such kid of the book do not demand a plot, but the bright picture - a single subject with accurate contours - by all means has to be followed by a short rhythmical quatrain. You also will not notice how the child will remember lines what there was approved by supporters and opponents of early reading to children! Immortal children`s creations of Agniya Bartho from the " series; Toys are based, by the way, on this phenomenon.

The amusing example of that is a case on birthday of one my young employee. The girl was 28 years old, but as all invited guests anyway work with children, was decided to have a good time a little. Having made of pieces of cardboard from a box the posters I have a Birthday " today; and " suit; The Person - " sandwich; friends decided to photograph the birthday woman. It was set up on a chair, and under laughter and an applause offered to read a children`s rhyme . Confused, it is a little already floated from abundance of gifts and surprises the girl on the automatic machine gave out: Our Tanya loudly cries, dropped... - well, and further in the text. Otsmeyavshis, I took an interest why this verse recured at it to the memory.

- This the first that you remember when speak children`s rhyme - the heroine of the occasion answered. - I had a book with pictures, and I imagined it at once.

Here so: what is read to us in the childhood is firmly pressed in memory, easily appearing in case of need. But we will return to a subject of discussion.

Books for the least readers can be made of waterproof materials. For example, oil-cloth the book for a bathroom - not only will not get wet during bathing, but also will distract from such unpleasant moments as soaping of the head and washing off of shampoo water. There are sound versions of similar books - they loudly peep if to press a page corner. The kid at first watchfully treats it, and then itself is accepted to searches sound source .

Such books can be used not only during bathing, but also during usual games - it is very convenient to wash them, they are hygienic and trudnopoyedayema . There are they with the kid several years, constantly changing the status, but the most important - appearance and existence of pages already at the earliest age acquaints the child with reading process.

When to the child one and a half years are executed by , he begins to perceive enough consciously that for continuation of the fairy tale it is necessary to turn pages of the book, gains an impression about a plot though the text is still important more for parents, than for the kid. Very well at this age to use books with additives - with the eyes running extensively, raznofakturny (fluffy and smooth) inserts, books - toys, books - folding beds.

On own experience I can tell - still more preferable to choose a basis of pages of books cardboard as children will continue to try them on tooth.

At the age of two years children well perceive idle time of two - a three-step plot. Was - something occurred - became .

Turnip Chicken of Ryaba Kolobok are based on this principle. And yes Turnip and Kolobok are so-called the developing fairy tales . Nothing that our ancestors of such terms did not know, - intuitively they guessed that develop at children memory, attention and logic, just telling them fairy tales.

Now there were books which read themselves : you press a button - and the voice saying the sacramental phrase " sounds; The grandfather put a turnip... . Well, and further in the text. It is possible to argue on advantage and harm of a similar delicacy indefinitely, especially in okolopedagogichesky circles it became fashionable. My modest opinion - the child gets a useful experience: it appears, it is possible to press over and over again the button, and the text does not change! In it the value of similar books - toys also consists, however the mother`s voice is much richer with intonations, and the father also is able to growl!

Absolutely for development of the child books with inserts from other materials have other value - from two to three years goes to the period intensive formation of speech activity, and this process is remarkably supported by the most various touch experience of children. Including tactile.

Fluffy chicken, rough bark of a tree, real snake the skin of a crocodile - to us seems that anything special and does not occur, and in life of the kid, in his development similar books play a huge role.