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What in Finland is celebrated on February 28 or Where there is Lennrotova a pine?

Today on February 28. Our western neighbors celebrate the Day of the national epos Kalevala . For Finns it is memory of the Karelian`s sources - the Finnish culture. About now already distant XIX century and people living and creating at that time.

In 1809 centuries-old Swedish domination ended. Finland joined Russia. And, not as the usual province, and as the Grand duchy Finnish. Having received at the same time not only the first capital - Helsinki, but also the body of the representative power - diet, the laws, army, money and... And opportunity for independent development of national culture and language. Before only units, such as Yakko Yuteyni, wrote finnoyazychny verses, being guided by rhythmics of folklore.

The developing Finnish nation began to realize itself as a uniform community and needed work which could tell not only him, but also to neighbors, that not today and even they appeared on this earth not yesterday. They have, not less heroic, than at Greeks, Germans or saxophones, a past. Also there will be a future. Too great.

Created Elias Lennrot the epos " became such work; Kalevala . Created. The epos - not mechanical reproduction of the national songs (runes) which are written down by the poet. The genius Lennrota is that he one of the first understood an inaccuracy of this way. Also began to write own poem. In the Pustnarodny lines, but editing them and enriching. Creating new episodes and the conflicts. Those which in national poetry were not.

As a result in 1835 the first edition " comes out; Kalevala . And in 14 years - the second, expanded. This work became a turning point of the Finnish culture, having made known the small northern people at first to all Europe, and then and to other world.

And now across all Finland on February 28 there pass memorable thematic lessons and evenings, and at restaurants to visitors suggest to try traditional Karelian cuisine.

Why Karelian? Yes historically so it developed that in Finland ancient elements of culture of the Finn - the Ugrian people in the XII-XIII centuries were almost completely destroyed by crusaders. And on what could escape centuries-old Swedish domination rather ruthlessly walked. Here and it turned out that sources of the Finnish culture remained in Karelia best of all and more stoutly. In the Karelian folklore. For anybody not a secret that the most part of the runic songs which became a basis Kalevala Lennrot wrote down in Russia. To be exact - in Belomorskaya Karelia as it then was called.

But, having taken from us, neighbors not only wrote down, systematized, overworked and added, and brought in a universal moneybox, told: Here. Ours. Take, read. I Remember!

And we? We remember? We protect? Whether still Lennrotova a pine is living? It not there, behind boundary and customs posts of points of transition of frontier. At us. In the small settlement Kalevala that on North - the West of Karelia.

* * * Here only who about Kalevala that heard

in memorable times of national Ugrian understanding? It only at the Soviet power Kalevala became, in honor of this epos which runes Elias Lennrot just in those regions at the end of the century before last wrote down. And before the settlement of Ukhta was called. Yes here ill luck: until in February, 1922 - go the red hero Timmo Antikaynen dispersed these goofs, they Soviet also did not want to recognize the power! Proclaimed the republic Ukhta and thought to live - to live

Yes not here - that was! Generally, dispersed the republic, and the settlement new was named supposedly by whom old will remember, so the Solovki - here they, near...

However, now in Kalevala from the epos one stump remained.

Long ago, it was... When it is concrete, so, offhand, and not to remember. But the knowing people told.

* * *

B old, still Soviet period, Lennrot`s pine is, sitting at which, he under the rustling accompaniment of its branches wrote down Archippus Pertunen and other storytellers - runopevets, is direct on the bank of Middle Kuito stood.

And near it, too almost in the water protection zone of the lake, whether out-patient clinic what, whether district policlinic in which there was a chief physician. Watch - itelny such doctor. Well, for a border zone it in those old times was not considered as a shortcoming. Here only laziness - ivy No, to work, so he in a window will stare and watches.

And here is how - that late fall Snow was not yet, but it is cool so. The doctor, as usual, in a window and - watches. And what watches? Everything, as usual: wood, lake, sky. On the sky - clouds. Low - low so.

Only looks: two frontier guards And, by the way, there stood, costs and there will be, probably, for a long time, a Kalevalsky frontier group. And so...

This two, rather izzyabnuvshy the soldier, drag a usual two-handled saw and... And, about horror (!) - it is direct to a sacred relic of the susedsky state and all world obchestvennost. Leaned against a trunk of a pine and vzhik - vzhik... Without hurrying so, measuredly. Vzhik - vzhik...

Well, the chief physician - that to himself also realized: And whether that business is pure? Well to jump out, begin to trumpet in iyerikhonova pipes, to hammer into drums, to click popular assembly. Not - it... You never know. And the International Federation of Journalists, BODIES gave such order? Frontier guards are not just soldiers. They are soldiers of elite troops of Committee for State Security of the USSR. Statehood stronghold, well and so on. All of a sudden soldiers will not leave from barracks. Znach, order from above daden! You will begin to beat - to blow - to convoke, so itself under those fanfares and you will ring out. No, our chief physician is not simple - that was! Oh, - joint stock company it is difficult... It to phone: Allyo - allyo! Girl? To a mine of the first secretary of regional committee of party!

So far found out who, from where, why and on what question dared... So far KGB, the First before republican management, phoned So far Main on this case on the channels of the commander of frontier group rang So far the commander with the awake changing of the guard came running to the lake A pine - that, that... To Fyyuit. And from the coast. Well, as well as there was no it...

Well, the commander quirky was, " at once; in the gun sounded and all staff of group on a parade-ground constructed.

As then inquiry showed, so far they were under construction, from a pine of that safely to kitchen moved, already two churbak sawed off, split and in an oven abandoned. And as soldiers of a kitchen dress explained, those that with a saw ran: they supposedly clever, zelyon - green trees did not cut and did not saw. As it is possible! That the wood - good national. And this dried up krivulya - well to whom it is necessary?! But - a dead wood. Burns - that as! You would look, taishch the commander... Would be glad .

* * *

Here therefore that soldiers of new appeals more in life had no temptations, the stump of a pine of Lennrot rescued by common efforts was dragged away to a district committee of party and with honor set up it is direct under windows of the First regional.

Came to work in the morning, in a window looked out - stand - it. It was stopped ringing where it is necessary To leave work in the evening - looked out, it was stopped ringing. Well, and at night... At night who holds border on the lock and who in barracks sleeps. Or pretends what sleeps.

And the free people in the settlement quiet. Well, the pine that was given to it! And without it firewood for the year ahead it is prepared. Good, birch. Et only full goofs not local, it is equal as, however, and not full, firewood reads out as good from a pine...

* * *

Of course, all that above - a baize. But the fairy tale - lie

Yes, is live. Lennrotova a pine is living. Costs... In the small Karelian settlement with a proud, eposny name.

Here only Our neighbors remember every year that pine. And we? What to keep, surely someone`s eye yes an eye is necessary? If the general, universal, so means also anybody`s?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

as illustrations to the text are used photos from the website com. ru and Artyom Sapegina ( Middle Kuito )