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How it is correct to communicate with an answering machine?

the Idea concerning writing of this article arose after an exchange of comments about the material How to conduct telephone negotiations? Rules of etiquette the author - Irina Pikalova what I express gratitude to Nadia Gayeva for.

So, you called, and there is no owner or the hostess the house. But the answering machine is included. You, naturally, have two options: to call back later or to leave the message. Many prefer the first as they are lost from - for inabilities to communicate with iron Felix . Actually, everything is not as terrible as it seems at first sight. For communication with an answering machine it is necessary to follow certain rules which I submit to attention of the dear public.

10 rules for leaving of messages on an answering machine:

1) Wait for the end of a sound signal.

2) Wait a second pause

3) Be presented.

4) You speak on average speed, accurately and articulately.

5) Briefly state the main point, without going into unnecessary details

6) If you call a phone number which is unknown, then it is better to say it, giving each number separately 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 0. Will not be superfluous, for control, to repeat it twice.

7) You speak naturally, you shout, but also do not whisper -

8) If you call in the official organization, remember it in time communication .

9) If you decided to engage in hooliganism and tell any mucks on an answering machine, then remember that phone can have ADN (Automatic Determinant of Number) on which you can be found easily.

10) Do not laugh as from - for laughter it will be impossible to understand what you told to the owner.

I in conclusion - a bonus - the most ridiculous records left on an answering machine (with the Caucasian accent).

1. The real man has to give birth to the son, plant a tree, build the house and to leave the message after a sound signal.

2. Me there is no house, left behind kefir, at it and I will spend the night. Leave the message, leave the message, leave the message.

3. What people! It`s ages since we met?! You speak after a signal. By the way, who it?

Zhirinovsky`s voice:

4. It is scarlet - lo who it? Who speaks? You think, called on an answering machine and all is possible. I will show you. I here now will call you, unambiguously. And well speak after a signal, the geek.

Gorbachev`s voice:

5. Hallo, hallo. We here with companions are consolidated and we come to consensus, but now I will not enter polemic. So, it is better to leave your opinion after a sound signal, and it is correct.

6. Yeltsin`s voice:

- - e Good afternoon Whether you understand call me understand in most that nayest the Kremlin. To a family, so to speak so you speak after a signal.

7. Welcome to bodies, the sonny. You called at the wrong time - me there is no house now. But you can call back later or to leave the message. Thanks for cooperation, sonny

8. The school of deck starters of Anatoly Raskatov welcomes you onboard an aircraft carrier Enterprays . The captain drinks coffee therefore leave the message after a signal.

9. Madhouse. We accept patients every day without days off and a lunch, and we accept messages after a sound signal. You speak.

10. Answering machines are graves of the died dictophones. So let`s keep silent, and after a signal - we will talk.