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With anyone, only not with me! You too so think?

How many I live, I keep thinking that with whom - with whom, and nothing similar happens to me. Terrible accidents which show daily in a huge number on the TV exotic and not really sores with which names many headings dazzle, awful crimes which are committed hourly and are transferred in militia reports - it seems that all this passes me.

So not only I live, but also the vast majority. And so, probably, it is correct. But until this terrible does not happen to you or to your loved ones and at least and not to relatives, but with acquaintances of acquaintances - all the same pain and suffering somewhere nearby. And here already you reflect that all this not only the picture on the TV.

You should not keep thinking that to you there can be something bad, of course. It is so possible just to go mad. But also it is necessary to think of it too. It is necessary to be ready to everything. But the most important, in advance, to learn to apprehend an event with humility if it in your case is pertinent.

This subject is cast by a large number of the various unpleasant events following one another in destiny of the author. Diseases, troubles in a family, big load at work, two, for the small period of time, accident. Here the last also set thinking on that, as to me there can be what I once thought of that with whom - with whom, but only not with me .

But that, probably, is good, the organism was prepared. Though this preparation can be written off for the general exhaustion as at collision, I just had no forces on any emotions quite. There was a full detachment and tranquility in the subsequent actions.

So, it happened: not the most terrible, but still fie - fie - fie in an occasion and without. The first that comes to mind that over my sudbinushka someone properly conjured, or my karmic vessel was so overflowed that I am just filled up from above with all preventions. I do not know on what thought to stop what conclusion to draw.

Externally I tranquility, but as soon as say to me that everything is good, at me tears involuntarily flow and sometimes it seems to me that with them the last forces leave. Strangely enough, writing articles in my favourite magazine Shkolazhizni helps to leave the gushed depression.

Well, gave vent to tears, it is time to learn lessons.

It is sure that to think that to us there will never be nothing bad is a wrong move. It is just necessary to learn to perceive all events quietly and in case circumstances do not allow to go in hiding, it is necessary to work - not emotionally, and it is sober. It will be first very difficult, but it should study and study in advance, not to wait until you fill the cone and you will just cease to react to troubles.

It is not necessary to study and prepare for the worst literally too. One my acquaintance, the inveterate optimist, always spoke: And it will pass also went further on the path blazed by a positive.

Tranquility, only tranquility - believe, you can learn what was advised by the animation character who is fallen in love by much. The truth ways is a little others: meditation, auto-training, viewing of kind movies and even animated films, communication with friends the main thing will help - not to go in cycles in an event or in what perhaps will occur.

Exclude viewing of that seamy side which domination in the TV carries recently frightening scale from the daily diet.

And the main thing to remember what always replaces a black strip white what long it would not be.