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National dishes of the Czech Republic. Cuisine of the Czech Republic.

Where to go to eat in the Czech Republic? The matter for the Czech Republic is irrelevant and frivolous. A large number of the restaurants scattered in Prague, cafe and street snack bars will allow the Czech tourist to feel full, and the main thing that it will not hit the pocket. The reason of availability of restaurant food is cut that work of all industry of public catering is put on the terms of fierce competition and works directly for all society (Czechs and tourists from all over the world) but not for the elite by the principle who with large sums to that and is available.

needs to notice the Czech restaurants best of all to visit with national currency (Czech koruna) in order that the waiter had no desire to play with exchange rate, such units, but all of them meet. It is accepted to leave tip in the Czech Republic surely, especially after service, there will be no excellent quality of food left and the address to you doubts that it is necessary to leave 10% of the table sum.

The separate attention wants to be paid to the Czech Beer. Let`s make the remark that it is the best of all to try the best grades of private breweries, having visited pothouses which large number is placed in the old city The country " Is small; in close proximity to Karlov Bridge. In the same place can offer the foreign tourist also national dishes, a pork knee, smazhenny cheese, knedliks, the vole in a loaf of bread, a panenka on a grill, the baked sausages, pork ribs on a grill which description you will be able to find in this article further. In general bars of restaurants are not sated with a large number of grades of beer such as specialized pothouses. Yes there are two, three types of the most famous brands as gambrinus velkopopovitsky goat or to krushovitsa but no more than that.

and according to grades of beer of many foreign tourists puts Existence in Prague of a huge number of beer institutions in a difficult situation at their choice. For simplification of acceptance of the choice we present you the most known institutions with a short epilog.

1. If you wish to touch at the time of acceptance of beer drinks history of the Czech Republic to you it is necessary to visit a pothouse At a bowl which locates at the address Prague - 2, Na boji St.? ti 14. In this pothouse the gallant soldier Shveyk went to drink beer. The pothouse where Shveyk agreed to meet the old sapper Vodichka at 6 o`clock in the evening after war. Beer - light Pilzner and Radegast dark - Domazhlitsky purkmistr and also Velkopopovitskoye as Shveyk promised.

2. History for the Czech Republic is sacred and therefore one of the oldest breweries data which are for the first time mentioned in 1499. Here one of the best brands of dark beer in the Czech Republic - a flekovsky plank bed - 13% cooks. The pothouse is located at Prague - 1, Nove M? sto, st. of K? emencova, 11.

3. Pivovarnenny plant Novomestsky brewer at which the own restaurant is open offers grades of own production and Prague - 1, Nove M is located at? sto, Vodi St.? kova, 20.

4. Exotic grades of the Czech beer and perfectly made foods can be tried in the youngest Brewing house which was open in 1998 and won glory by introduction of innovative ideas. It locates at the address Prague - 2, Nove M? sto, Je St.? na, 16.

5. It is possible to touch also the modern history connected directly with visit of public institutions of food by the famous persons of the world. For example beer institution At a gold tiger located on Prague - 1, st. Husova, 17, the president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel who here was invited to drink

beer of Bill Clinton. Institution Archimboldo Prague - 1, Hrad? any, St. Nerudova 13, beer Boris Yeltsin drank Here.

6. In March, 2006 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin visited " restaurant; At Karlov Bridge also drank beer there.

Further for foreign tourists and just fans of the Czech beer we will specify the known beer restaurants and their addresses:

1. At Saint Tomasz Prague - 1, Mal? Strana, Letensk St.? 12.

2. At a black ox Prague - 1, Hrad? any, Loret? nsk? nam.

3. At a raven Prague - 2, Halkova, purely Czech pothouse without preparation of house specialties.

4. Branitsky sklepik a pothouse in a tokhy corner of Prague

5. At Pivrnts Prague - 1, Star? M? sto, Maislova 3 citizens till 16 years are not allowed.

And of course we will provide for you information on the most known grades of beer in the Czech Republic:

1. Pilzner

2. Velkopopovitsky goat

3. Budvayzer

4. Old Gott

5. X - BEER

6. Bernard

7. Staropramen

8. Celt


10 velveteen. Zlatopramen

11. To Krushovitsa

Dlya of people with luxury exclusive inquiries, in the Czech town Hodova-Plana the first-ever improving beer resort opened. SPA- the Chodovar center is located in the restored beer cellars of old family brewery. In the center seven huge bathtubs in the Victorian style where guests can swim in beer are presented, at the same time enjoying cold pint of this drink served in the bar near the pool. Beer bathtubs are carried out at a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, the structure consists of a dark grade of beer and mineral water Il - Sano.

Discussion of traditional Czech cuisine with the presented types of house specialties can devote the full book, we in return will provide information on the main of them, a pork knee, smazhenny cheese, knedliks, the vole in a loaf of bread, a panenka on a grill, the baked sausages, pork ribs on a grill, a Christmas carp.

Christmas holidays with a celebration of Christmas in the Czech Republic it is considered a family holiday. A traditional dish on this holiday - Golden Karp. Let`s separately describe ritual of sale of the Czech carp. In a week before Christmas on streets of Prague there are big tubs with water in which the huge number of carps floats, it is powerful beginning from 3 to 12 - 15 kg. Here to the buyer suggest to choose and cut fish taking into account his requirements. Huge number of fisheries Rybnikov scattered across all territory of the Czech Republic allows not only to sate domestic market, but also to take out the company carp to all countries of the European Union. The recipe of preparation of the Christmas carp does not dazzle with a variety, Czechs boil it entirely, in special broth with addition of herbs or just fry it in oil with onions, the recipe of the stuffed carp with stewed vegetables also works.

Pork ribs on a grill the dish consisting of the cut pork ribs and otmochenny in special sauce which recipe is kept a secret. The dish is not recommended to be eaten with that to whom a lot of fat is forbidden. to

the Baked sausages is the dish consisting of traditional grades of sausage and fried on a grill. This dish can be tried in public tourist places of Prague and in order that to try them, not obligatory to visit restaurant. Panenk`s

on a grill is the special cutting wetted in marinade, to the recipe prepared on starocheshskomets and fried on a grill with oil, infused on herbs. Palevk`s

in a loaf of bread is the soup cooked according to traditional recipes and served on a table in a loaf the bread which is specially baked for this purpose the bakery is right there in restaurant.

Knedliks the product prepared on the basis of flour and the different added products, potatoes or with fruit stuffings. Traditionally on Czeches a table knedliks move for the place of bread.

Smazhenny cheese - the product prepared from special grades of cheese and from above sprinkled with breadcrumbs. After frying cheese becomes soft, viscous and very tasty on taste inside. Move in a dish as a garnish or together with a garnish.

the Pork knee - the name speaks for itself. The product very tasty and fat, at some restaurants it is given separated from a stone, and to some in the whole look. Greens, horse-radish and sweet mustard which are stirred among themselves are traditionally put to it and are used as a hot spice.

It is necessary to tell that even if to visit many monuments history and architecture in the Czech Republic but not to try the house specialties prepared according to ancient Czech recipes moreover and not to dilute all this with the Czech grades of beer, it is possible to consider visit of the Czech Republic defective.

Come to the Czech Republic to live and on a visit to feel the Czech color and to share pleasure of life to Europe.

Lev Prazhsky.