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Czech national holidays and the days off.

In the present article information on National holidays in the Czech Republic which are always the days off will be offered our reader. Also in article the place and to the description of some traditions of national celebration is given.

In general needs to emphasize that for each Czech citizen the holiday or just output is sacred. Such sacred that it is allowed to anybody to break family rest which is, as a rule, devoted to various trips around the country. It can be campaigns on the nature, excursions on locks, it can be trips to mountains, skis mountain or running, in the summer - mountain bicycles for which routes conduct on fine landscapes are popular in the winter.

the Huge number of historical nature sanctuaries and architecture, perfectly equipped natural and artificial lakes, water aquaparks and just fine vacation spots provide the huge choice of offers for family rest, it is worth being defined there will be it active or quiet. Let`s notice that the prices of the provided services are available to the mere mortal therefore practically all Czech families have a rest and travel.

After opening of borders with neighboring states and an entrance of the Czech Republic to the Schengen Union in November, 2007, it is possible to go freely over all countries entering Schengen without passport control by borders. And this event brought additional routes for tourism and rest.

the Main family holiday, certainly, is Catholic Christmas which is celebrated at the end of December, and in this regard Christmas holiday which begins since December 24 exist a holiday. This day is designated Christmas Eve or Czech name Generous day . This day there is a tradition and in Prague, and other large cities to buy live carps and to set them free. In Prague fish is let out to the Vltava River which divides all Prague into two parts. On December 25 Christmas is celebrated, and traditionally on a table serve a fried golden carp with potato salad. The holiday is celebrated just in the family. In order that the next year there was money it is necessary to keep a scale from the carp served on a table. On December 26 day of Saint Shtepan is celebrated and Christmas holidays on December 27 in day Jana Evangelista come to an end.

In several days is noted New Year. It is also accepted to designate the last day of year Sylvester as in this all celebrate a name-day, whose name Sylvester. It is accepted to meet New Year with friends, the table is laid so that it was possible long and is and to drink waiting for New Year. Already on January 2 in the Czech Republic all state organizations and the majority of the private companies begin to work.

is in turn noted Further one more big Catholic holiday Easter (Velikonoce). This day in the Czech calendar also is red, that is in the day off.

the Holiday of spring, love and work is noted in the Czech Republic on May 1. After it, exactly in a week, the holiday of liberation of Europe from fascism is celebrated on May 8. Often, combining two May holidays, many Czech families take vacations and go on the vacation or spend time in own country houses.

on July 5 - Kirill and Mefodiy`s Day. It is a holiday of Slavic writing and it is celebrated both on wordly, and according to a church calendar.

the Public holiday of Saint Vaclav is celebrated the day on September 28 and for all Czechs is a statehood holiday. This day glorify the grand duke Czech Vaclav who ruled from 928 to 936 years and is considered the heavenly patron of the Czech Republic.

- the Day of formation of the independent Czechoslovak republic is celebrated on October 28, since 1918. Despite division of Czechoslovakia in 1992 on two independent states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, for the Czech Republic this holiday is considered one of the major.

- Day of fight for freedom and democracy marks on November 17 independence at first of the Czechoslovak republic, and since 1989 after velvet revolution independence and independence of the Czech republic, as free European country.

the Present article about holidays is presented, first of all, for foreign citizens who wish to visit the Czech Republic according to tourist or other visa. Information on days off will help clients of the " company; Prazhsky Lev to know these dates and to consider them at business visit of the country.

Lev Prazhsky.