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Time in Prague lags behind in Prague from Moscow for two hours. Respectively, when all establishments in Prague at 8 - 00 in the morning begin to work, in the Central part of Russia 10 - 00 mornings and working process is well under way.

At visit of the Czech Republic by citizens of Russia or the CIS countries, the shift of the time zone for an hour (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and so forth) for two hours (Moscow and so forth) for three hours (Samara) etc. allows to relax and rise a bit later.

A, as we know, when the person gets enough sleep, he feels perfectly. Being in Prague, it is impossible to be in bad mood. Prague is beautiful at all seasons of the year. This article is devoted to seasons in the Czech Republic. She gives a general idea the person interested to visit the Czech Republic and trains them for it. we Will begin with

travel since December. This month the main holiday of year - Christmas is celebrated and by the number of tourists is saturated time. In December stable weather usually keeps at constantly cloudy sky, temperature from-3 to +8 degrees Celsius. Christmas usually takes place without snow and in general snow in the Czech Republic in a large number meets only in mountains. Therefore here the network of boarding houses and hotels which provide inexpensive in comparison with other countries of Europe, alpine skiing services is very developed.

on weather conditions nearly concedes January to December, and differs only in wind strengthening. Cloudy weather which is followed by an intermittent rain or snow already alternates with clear sunny days. Let`s notice that the Czech Republic celebrates New year, quietly and peaceful. The snowless winter pleases with lack of slush and dirt. The green grass on lawns waits for spring and heat.

February weather differs in strong gusty winds which can blow with a speed do130 km/h. Messages and the storm warnings limiting movement on cars in mountainous areas of the Czech Republic are frequent. Tourists from the northern countries can take with themselves easier clothes since weather allows it.

If your organism is inclined to private diseases during the winter period, then in the choice of drugs place emphasis on preparations, the treating airways. The infections affecting airways are most widespread in the Czech Republic, and you need to be fully equipped.

Weather in winter months often indulges in the warm sunny days with a temperature up to +10, +15 C. Such days for the tourist remain the most memorable.

But if suddenly you are overtaken in unawares and you have no clothes, suitable for this weather, be not upset: go to one of the nearest hypermarkets or boutiques in which loads and loads company qualitative clothes.

Having arrived to the Czech Republic in March, you will be able to enjoy approach of spring, origin of life, the first flowers and leaflets. To enjoy feeling which allows the person to understand that he not for nothing lives on the beautiful planet Earth. As in spring dressed female half of society even more aggravates this feeling.

meets you April by the blossoming trees and a bush, flowers. In the second half of March and in April the clothes can be almost summer, behind an exception in cloudy days with rains.

Mai wonderful month!!! The long Czech summer began. It is necessary to see, visit very much, to wholly enjoy a sunlight. Summer months are fine abundance of flowers, outdoor pools and trips around historical places of the Czech Republic.

June, July, August and September are very similar with each other to frying, but not exhausting weather with thunder-storms and plentiful rains. After a warm summer pouring rain there is a sun, and the washed city streets please with the purity. On the weekend in the residential areas of Prague not a soul, almost all inhabitants go out of town. Tourist life boils only in the center and that in the late afternoon when all disperse for dinner on numerous small restaurants, and then go to night clubs with dances till the morning.

of Walk across night Prague this miracle, do not forget them to make. At the warm nights comfortably especially in love. Fine night panoramas of the Prague Hail, Vltava and Karlov Bridge will not leave indifferent any soul. Also do not worry for the health and the safety on streets full tranquility.

Active approach of fall and the first cool nights is observed in the middle of October. The autumn Czech Republic with the foliage beginning to fall down and rare rains is beautiful too. The foliage completely falls down only in November when the nature fades again to be born in March. The furniture of Prague in the second half of November already speaks about approach of Christmas holiday: the most fantastic holiday in a year for which wait all family and to which plan gifts all the year round. Prague preparing for holidays is charming, without excess vanity. In different places of the city fir-trees grow and under them Christmas markets, with sale of souvenirs of handwork from a tree, ceramics and a stone settle down. Hot wine (svarzhak) under the Christmas tree and simple food will leave indelible feeling of the coming holiday.

Christmas is a holiday when you have to visit central squares of Prague. Here you will find gifts for yourself and the relatives, will try national sweets of the Czech Republic. It is necessary to try the meat made on a spit at Staromnestskaya Square. we Wish you to carry out by

in the Czech Republic one of the best holidays that it was remembered on all further life. Come and experience the CZECH REPUBLIC.

Lev Prazhsky.