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How to earn from filesharing? Ways obvious and not really

you will surprise nobody with Filesharing today, and all who feel like it use it. But whether much people earn from it?

So, the classical scheme of earnings on filesharing which is repeatedly painted and chewed looks so. You look for the interesting file, throw it on file exchange service which pays a certain sum for downloading of this file. Further you distribute the reference to this file where it is only possible, and wait for money. And them, money, in sense, or is not present, or disappointingly it is not enough. Here there is a pancake, - you think, - nafig it to me all this And either you throw begun, or you reconcile to destiny.

And at little change business - models filesharing can become a quite good source of the income. However, you will hardly be able to live on this money, but also it, I heard, happens

So, the first that should be made, is to be registered in file hosting services which will pay you money. They can be found in any searcher, for example on demand to earn from downloading of the " files;.

We will begin with obvious. Not all file hosting services pay for downloading equally. The most interesting files can be thrown on the file hosting services offering downloading for the SMS and to excite interest, to write the advertisement enticing the people.

Free file hosting services can be used as traffic sources on your blog or the selling website. If you do not have it, it is possible to create it quickly enough and absolutely free of charge, the benefit, free hostings in the RuNet now loads.

You write the advertisement, you list the websites (to silly do only one selling website) and you call this file readme (read me). You pack the announcement and the initial file in archive, you throw on a file hosting service and you distribute references to it on those resources where the target audience - people to whom information which you packed into archive will be interesting lives.

Besides, many file exchange services have a partner program - service pays you percent from earnings of people who were registered according to your referalny reference. Why they so do? Yes because filesharing service - the commercial enterprise, and you brought them one more worker who will earn to this service money. Refssylki can post on the websites, to send friends in ICQ and on a mail and to extend in any other way, excepting spam.

One more way about which many either do not know or do not use it absolutely, or will underuse.

In the Network is full of free books with a possibility of rebranding, that is an opportunity to insert there any advertizing. You download the book, you insert advertizing, you write the review (surely put the phrase of the " type in the text; recommend this book to friends and acquaintances ) . You throw the book on a file hosting service and you distribute references to it. Even if someone will destroy then your advertizing file, advertizing in the book all the same will go for a walk on the Network.

And here one more way to make the name and to earn still a little bit from it. Throw thematic archive of the photos on a file hosting service and write the intriguing text of the " type; The Businessman / businesswoman (Your name and a surname) has a rest / travels / works Confidential photos from private archive . People love to dig in someone else`s linen here also we use this their weakness Pictures it is better to sign and put down the reference to one of your websites.

It is possible to make also the website, storage of interesting links, each of which conducts on the corresponding file on file exchange service. You Untwist in the Network this website, and the coming visitors choose that it is necessary for them and download.

And still However, so far and it is enough.