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And you wash legs in a toilet bowl?

Having been fond at a leisure of reading esoteric literature, found in it a huge number of various magic ceremonies on fund raising. Certainly, the desire to grow rich accompanies literally everyone as existence of banknotes is capable to relieve us of very many problems. But in this race behind money of people it is capable to lose the last remains of reason.

Absolutely ridiculous, and at times and absurd ceremonies which to us are offered by monetary magic brightly testify to it. Having laughed in plenty, decided to share some of them with readers, no, not in order that you could execute and sit down them quietly on a sofa waiting for falls from hard currency and to show all absurd of similar actions.


1) At midnight, on even number of the second winter month, be closed in a toilet, light a candle of green color and, lower a thumb of the left leg in a toilet bowl, then, lower all foot up to an ankle and say three times: as this source does not run low, my purse " so would not run low;. Then, without washing a leg, wrap it in a cellophane package and go on the next intersection, there stamp three times, slap three times and call the demon of money: Come to me, soil me, with me leave mine, others put to me and, having developed, quickly run home, without looking back and to anybody without talking.

Imagined this picture? There still the addition was if you want that money was found always, then let this ceremony will be made by all family members in turn It is interesting that neighbors would tell, observing as all your family in turn runs with the leg wrapped in cellophane on the intersection, stamps there, claps and runs back

2) Find the rich person who is well off and does not need anything. It is the carrier positive monetary energy. You can take away this energy from him. For this purpose, in a full moon, go to his house and wait when it leaves gate. Bypass three times around it, spit to it in the left ear and, having pulled out a hair from the head, say: Yours was, mine became, good luck was, good luck left, seven cows skhudat, three bulls fell, and me rye the whole cart and success a ladle .

Well and how? It is interesting to me that the author of this ceremony that this " thought; unfortunate around which you will run, spit to it in an ear and to tear hair, will quietly stand and will not stop by to you in a skull?

3) And here still an ancient ceremony, speak terribly effective, to an uuu In a full moon when you go home, find dog excrements on the road, lift and put in a pocket, go home trying not to talk to anybody. Houses, get that brought, put in bank and fill in with a small amount of water, lower a coin there, sugar and carefully shake up, leave for a month on a window sill. In a month, take a stone of some fruit-tree, put at yourself in a kitchen garden and water with what was drawn in a month. If the stone sprouts, to be to you the rich and to roll in money, as in feathers to roosters!

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