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Having a snack. For the benefit or to the detriment of?

Not so long ago my colleague complained to us at work: You only present what was got up yesterday by my child? In our heads any unimaginable thoughts at once hurried to be born: received the two, fought with boys, shirked section and you never know it happens And so it was closed in a bedroom and ate the whole pack of chips. And before it made louder the TV that this crunch and rustle it was not heard - mummy was indignant.

You Will think, chips that here it? - someone from employees objected. Yes as? We with the husband categorically against similar delicacies. Same it is harmful. Same chemistry. It cannot be eaten! - the upset colleague continued to convince us. And passed a couple of hours, and she said: Eh, it is time to have a bite, something absolutely nothing in the head climbs. Probably, I will eat a chocolate, I will please myself, favourite!

Chips, chocolates, croutons, nutlets, glazed cheese curds, lollipops What only daily we do not send to a mouth to eliminate feeling of hunger or it is often simple to brighten up grief, melancholy, loneliness, to sweeten bad mood, to distract from disturbing thoughts or even to switch attention from cloudy weather behind a window which and pulls in a dream. We are quick to grasp, we do not notice how we receive the next portion of excess calories, we do not think that we break a metabolism and in general we do more harm, than advantage to the organism.

Similar having a snack became a habit at many of us, in vanity of working everyday life they turned into a peculiar ritual which allows, let and for a couple of minutes, but to derive certain small pleasure, to distract from office cares.

Meanwhile, experts with alarm recognize that this phenomenon already became a peculiar part of modern culture of food. Name to it - a sneking (from English a quick perekusyvaniye). In total nothing if modern office worker fruit had a bite, vegetables, kefir or cottage cheese, in other words - useful products. Really got hungry, time of a breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack came, and we right there hurry to the aid of our organism, understanding that when with what we and in what quantities will eat. It is the correct course of events.

Felt depressed or, maybe, the hand itself involuntarily reached for a bag of chips - it is already another story altogether which demonstrates only that we once again show weakness, we deceive ourselves and just we try to meet the sudden desire to regale on something tasty, often very high-calorie, and sometimes even on harmful.

How to be that who notices for himself similar misses and the most important - it is ready and wishes to fight with them? Try to act as follows with

1. do not try to get rid of any having a snack once and forever. Sometimes they are necessary. Competently picked up snacks can become the good assistant in fight against hunger, an additional source of vitamins and useful substances and even the first footpath to decrease in excess weight and creation of a new power supply system.

2. you Watch with what you were going to indulge yourself. Turn silly having a snack into useful. Let near at hand there will always be a yogurt glass, a cottage cheese jar, a handful of dried fruits, banana, apple or couple of small loafs. Choose the most various products, show the imagination, think what actually is not enough for your tired organism.

3. Stop before eating the next chocolate. Try to distract and ask for a moment to yourself a question: whether really I need so to eat this rich roll right now or to devastate a bag of croutons? It is a high time reflections even if also any several seconds, can become the real stick - a lifesaver.

4. you Watch time which passed between meals. You do not hurry to blame the gluttonous stomach. Often it only seems so to us that it is time to have a bite, and actually the feeling of hunger sometimes happens false.

5. Try if not on weekdays then during week-end to gather at a table together with the family. Try at dinner or not to hurry a dinner, to derive pleasure from the process, to notice a maximum of shades of each of dishes, to enjoy pleasant communication behind a cup of fragrant tea with people around, and not just the next piece of the cake sent to a mouth. Who knows, maybe, then you will be able to overestimate a role of full-fledged breakfasts, lunches and dinners and to reduce quantity of unnecessary having a snack.

If you love yourself, then you appreciate every moment lives and let you will have as much as possible free minutes for something pleasant, useful and desired