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How to look for work it is non-standard?

There where goes vigorous mass of the Soviet employees already too closely. Means it is necessary to think up something on more originally, than to pulemetit the summary on everything that moves.

Test in small business

(Small business in this article I will call the companies with a number - to 50 employees)

Than small business is good? The fact that often it can be ustrochivy since it is tied on hundreds - thousands of final buyers.

Who will be steadier - the known company with the corporate debt exceeding capitalization (for example, RBC) and several large contracts? Or a regional bakery with thousands of buyers?

Flexibility - one more advantage of small business at the time of crisis. Who will quicker reconstruct the product or service - Aeroflot or " shops; As a hobby and soul ? Small business for the survival will much quicker create new products or will update a line of the existing goods or services.


How to get to small business?

It is possible for

as usual - through the summary. However, the important point - on the popular websites - HeadHunter and SuperJob is not a lot of small business, startups... Why? Because from employers take about ten thousand rubles a week for full access to a contact information of all summaries there.

Therefore chances in hunting behind a small bizes are higher the websites Rabota. ru and Job. ru - there access to your summary will be free for the employer. Direct contact with the company I Will begin


with a personal example. At the beginning 2000kh years I tried the following method.

To Bor. it seemed Business - the " magazine; (shchas such magazines heap). I read interview with Preston X there. (he is American) - the head of firm in the field of real estate of Colliers. I liked its approaches to management which are described in article. There was a desire to get acquainted and work in its firm.

I write the letter (the hand, but not on the computer) where I speak - cool approaches to business! I approve this and this idea because....

In a week I receive a call from Preston with meeting invitation. I meet. It shows me office. We talk about my vision of further career and possible work in Colliers. Came. Saw. Won.

One more example from Andrey Vilnid, the manager on management of projects and, on a sovmestitetelstvo, my brother:-)

when I worked in the Sterno company, to us got to the company to work the guy who learned about our projects in the Internet looked at the website of the company, wrote the letter to the director - type our works were pleasant.

It was very impressed with its step and already through small time it worked for us. As a result all are happy with its work and he. And Sterno company. ru is typical small business with progressive management.

the Conclusion - look for the companies in which you would like to work. Heads want to have the devoted employees motivated to work in their company.

If you want good management look for forums on a mendedzhment and notice mentions of the companies which are close to you on spirit.

If you want to work in the companies which develop the employees and train them, for example, in management of projects, check lists of clients of the relevant companies. Because if the companies invest in training of personnel - means, management there more professional.

Here the list business - editions and the Internet - resources which can help you to learn about the interesting company:

Secret of firm

Smart Money

Business - the magazine

the business

Klerk. ru

Sheets - the heading Career, Management or The business

Fortune, Forbse and tp - are useless for the majority (if you not the top manager)... If I that forgot - write in comments.

Investigate the foreign market

U of many of us quite good English. What to us prevents to use it for earning money?

Other factor in favor of the foreign market - at us crisis will be until prices of oil are restored. And it to happen in 5 - 7 years.

The abroad crisis is softer - for example, I lost only 13% of the investments into the American securities for today. And my companions are investors in the Russian market - more than 80%.

What specifically to do?

I do not know...:-) but there is couple of ideas...

Look for the niche on getafreelancer. com / - there can sell design, programming, market researches, a data set, etc. of

Second - to organize consulting business in English through Skype. You decide on a niche (how to do the websites how to play the guitar... fantaziren!). You publish the contents and announcements of free seminars.

Denial of responsibility , of course, I understand

Ya that some ideas sound extremely. And that you wanted - it is a creative! My purpose - to inspire you on feats which you make independently, but not to give recipes... I will sell recipes - I should live on something too:-)

By the way, write here ideas which you will try to realize - throw down a challenge to yourself!