Rus Articles Journal


G. Kaluga

I Descended behind water revival one o`clock in the afternoon Was

, took two kanistrochka and went for water to the next column.

The mood is excellent as it befits in day off, but slush, the Lord, and thaw! The column was sheltered in ten meters from a harmonous number of garbage containers, no, probably containers were sheltered about a column. And! It is all one! Nearly - nearly managed to reach a street krantik as crossed the road darkly - blue Gazelle also stopped near smelly containers. The doors were opened and from the car women of middle age and, in my opinion, from not absolutely foreign countries of our hotly favourite Homeland quickly povyskakivat. The driver pulled out boxes from the car, placed them along containers and work began to boil! The fair sex, in number of five (the person??) having put on rubber gloves, it was dashingly bent through boards of containers and

Ya pricked up ears as could, reduced rate of replenishment of canisters to observe longer a cheerful kompashka which without any constraint loudly exchanged words among themselves in our native language.

Drove Gazelles with a bucket approached a column and silently looked at water. I stopped pouring the first canister and suggested it to fill a bucket as I was not going to leave yet, was so intrigued with the company of gold diggers in a female appearance.

It poured water, even without having told words of gratitude for a turn concession, began to wash the car. Minutes I still stretched ten, did not see yet that all - in boxes people from family of a fine half of mankind so with enthusiasm collect and store.

Boxes were filled with different fruit rather similarity of fruit, slippery, rumpled, half-rotten. The only thought which slipped in my wondering brains was thought that it on a forage to cattle! Without having been in time, properly to issue up to the end such innocent drizzle, I heard words from which I dropped out in a deposit, in literal and figurative sense.

You what were washed away there, give be loaded quicker on the market, still we will manage to sell. You will be unloaded, quicker back, still we will gather! - one individual ordered drove to hurry.

My God! For whom ourselves consider ourselves! Yes no shortage of money in our hard time will be repaid such action of people against! These geeks, having fed other people with garbage, will buy and will gorge on the same. Let`s be surprised and gasp, sigh then from where there are so much patients why such rates cemeteries expand.

At least reflected that having gained what - that money for it, will buy such - a poison and will lie quietly, peacefully on a cemetery near with those whom they deceived. Also they on a next world will take no more at all the fact that take others! And if turns out to be true that there are a next world and there continuation of other life, then there will be many sinners, probably it is more, than righteous persons as garbage containers are in each yard and any these crews on wheels do not pass! It is not necessary to wait for a doomsday, it came! At first in souls, now in reality! Only how many we will stretch here on Earth, we will not let rot yet and we will not poison the last of us? We already turned on the timer! And long ago!!!

February, 2009.