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what can be required by the house master? or necessary tool minimum.

for this purpose that it was possible to repair the majority of breakages of the house, first of all, straight arms will be required, but they are not on sale.

second: that where all of you it will put (about it there will be a separate conversation),

well and of course the main tool.

the tool can be broken into several subcategories conditionally:

is universal, electric, sanitary, joiner`s, metalwork.


of a passatizha (with dielectric handles on 180 - 220 mm), nippers - bokoreza (the same dimension and also with dielectric handles). Screw-drivers: 3 under plus and 3 under minus (different caliber), tweezers, hammers: 200 g and 500 g


a soldering iron (60vt*220v), tin, rosin, acid soldering - you will be able always to solder couple of wires or to connect couple of metal surfaces. Soldering iron power in 60 W more than has enough for domestic needs.

Pieces of wires from 1 m (depending on conducting in the apartment) + for different needs. The switch for a desk lamp, the boss of the lamp, a fork, a hank of an insulating tape of high quality, a block connecting for wires (with screw clips) - for repair practically of any household appliance of lighting, for difficult is better to call the master.

is also desirable in a set a multimeter (in common people tseshka ), inexpensive, Chinese, with sound pro-ringing (to it in a " steam set; crocodiles ) - appointment - a pro-call of integrity of wires, existence of short circuit, presence of tension in a network, a wire.


alligator wrench, tape FUM, tow,


of a chisel of 2 pieces, narrow and wide - for this purpose to insert the lock into a wooden door or to make deepening under door loops. A roulette at least 2 meters (3 m) a pencil, a file are desirable (with big teeths, on the one hand that a semicircle, and with another flat), a wood saw, level (it is desirable not Chinese, but Soviet or Chinese, but professional)


a set of files (small files of the size of a ball pen), files: round, flat, triangular (an average roughness), a caliper (for exact measurements of diameters of drills and openings), a hacksaw, keys rozhkovy and cap from 7 to 17, a range 1m (steel), a brush on metal for removal of a rust.

it is also necessary to have in a set on a leaf of an emery paper (3 - 4kh types). The glass-cutter, a moisture resistant black marker, scissors on metal (the small size), scissors usual (it is the best of all straight lines surgical, from stainless steel, their tips can be ground sharply for making of openings)

a drill (it is possible shock, such set it can serve and for the intended purpose and as the screw gun (it is enough for 2 - 3 false ceilings)), a set of drills on metal from 1 to 12 mm. a set of bits for the screw gun, a brush narrow, a butterdish with good lubricating oil, greasing graphitic for greasing of the heating-up surfaces.

a brush - wit (it is possible to replace with a broom with a scoop) - we do not want to leave behind a lot of garbage after work or repair.