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How I did not eat six years meat? Merits and demerits of vegetarianism

it was quite simple to Refuse meat. Whether years were given absolutely hungry (the middle 90 - x, a parental salary on 20 dollars on five souls), whether excerpts on youth was more, but was finished meat for a long time. I will not hide, cheerful, but hungry student`s life in others city where each ruble was saved favored to it, and on cooking no more than 15 minutes were allotted. Actually, advantage No. 1 follows from here...

Vegetable food is cooked quicker

the Main complexity could consist in that, as if peel potatoes quicker. And so - filled up grain in the boiling water, got the preservation which is carefully given by mother from family supplies from the refrigerator. And all. In fifteen minutes the dinner in the form of porridge (potato) and salad is ready. Even on preparation of soup half an hour left some - vegetables will not cook yet. It was not necessary to think neither of a stone for broth, nor of how long to cook this broth - during preparation for one seminar or at once to three. However, the lack of protein could affect perniciously on health of still growing up organism. But by the time of my students we discovered soy.

Attempts to enter soy products into a diet were made not once. And every time stewed imitation of meat from a frying pan removed straight to a garbage can. Bags with as if healthy food appeared at us in shops infrequently so also these attempts were rare. And only somewhere for the third or fourth year of my vegetarianism we with mother managed to build something, really tasting like meat. Though I do not exclude, for many years I just weaned from taste of meat, and everything that was though slightly - is slightly similar to it, it seemed unforgettable vkusnotishchy.

The main cunning in technology of preparation of soy meat - properly to soak it in water before preparation. And then - by all means to flavor with a large number of onions, carrot, garlic. Without these saviors of any culinary dish to eat soy quite difficult and began to smell from it As if it is softer? Not all that well.

Weight loss is provided?

Of course if in the vegetarian diet you lean on milk, oil and bread, symmetry does not threaten you. But when dairy is present at a table at admissible quantities, then - yes. A large number of vegetables as it was told, strengthens a metabolism. So the zashlakovannost does not threaten you too. In the most terrible years moreover during session, I could weigh something about 48 kg. With a height of 172 cm and an average bone - it is not enough.

However, I hurry to discredit one of myths that vegetarianism by all means conducts to an anemia. At many who refuse meat hemoglobin quite often is at the upper bound of norm. I had the same.

And that with mood?

Here it, main reef of vegetarianism. Life only on vegetable demands a special diet in food. In two hours, even when the breakfast was dense (in your opinion), the consciousness grows turbid and demands feed. And a state such that you cease to think something until eat some banana.

So in fellow travelers to Baikal a self-locking device nobody will take you. And in a banal campaign in the wood you will be a little useful - there it is often accepted to eat stewed meat. Acquaintances noted also exclusively bad temper which evaporated as soon as I began to eat meat.

Among other shortcomings , not so essential, but very irritating I noted:

1. Regular banterings of acquaintances and always banal questions . The first: And why you do not eat meat? (in thousand time to answer it, believe, bothers). The second: Really you do not want to eat chickens? And these questions are asked always. And if concerning the first people can be understood, then the second and remained for me inexplicable. Well why people are concerned by it?

2. Difficulties with a campaign on a visit, with treatment in a hospital, with visit of cafe. On a visit I usually asked what from offered does not contain some meat. Hospital - absolutely trouble because it is only not enough a garnish. Fortunately, for my six years` vegetarian career to me never has the luck to be in hospital. And it was necessary to go to cafe what is more expensive, where ingredients of the same salatik were specified by a small print under the name.

3. If there is a family, itself should prepare separately. the Husband your soy myasko can not estimate. Though there is one trick - to do a good garnish, and to offer the husband a sound stake. However, it suits those who own art of a neperesolivaniye of products.

Well and the last. You know what forced me to refuse vegetarianism? Pregnancy! Nevertheless health of future child is more expensive than some youthful whim. And for two at such diet no hemoglobin will be enough. Especially as on some researches, the use of meat made a brain of a monkey a brain of the person.