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Vegetarianism: what it happens types?

At one time I did not eat some meat at all. And I do not regret about it at all that you had to hear further from my lips. Besides, vegetarianism very much is even useful. In small doses. Therefore if suddenly the devout neigbour brings you a calendar of posts, do not refuse from a gift. And note a red circle of date when the Shrovetide begins. The temporary moratorium on meat will be reflected in your health well. What you will not tell about those who refused it forever.

Well, and for a start we will carry out a small educational program. That there is vegetarianism, hope, it is clear to everyone. Art there is no " meat; it was sung in religions and grants on diets. But I suggest not to idealize it. This personal record of everyone. And while vegetarianism does not threaten others (excessive aggression of an ovoshchelyub) or the person, in it is present nothing bad.

I found three main reasons why the person refuses meat:

1. Religious. Some sects insist on refusal of food of an animal origin. It is worth sounding alarm about it when sect recognized destructive, and it is forbidden in the territory of the country. The same admirers of Krishna are very harmless until begin to put to you in hands Bkhagavad - Geeta . And food at them - just you will lick fingers! Especially a semolina with karamelizirovanny sugar.

2. Dietary. Very dangerous. It is clear, that the vegetable food contains less calories. And many young women, in particular early age, accept it as manual to action. The food in this case not just vegetable - it is poor to a disgrace. A result - an anemia, lack of periods, a disease state. But if the lady in years decided to pass to vegetarianism, a vegetable - the fruit diet in this case can even be useful. With age the metabolism in an organism is slowed down, and a large number of vegetables allow to accelerate it.

3. Grinpisovskaya. Once you became the witness of murder. Your favourite pig at the grandmother in the village was pinned up directly on your eyes. And from it you decided to refuse meat forever. Approximately I when I rejected meat products had such motivations also. They were supported with one history. I resolved to refuse the use in food nevinnoubiyenny on birthday of the friend. By way of exception decided to indulge at parting herself well very refined for those times (the middle 90 - x) with a dish - language. And that you think, the delicacy turned out so badly prepared that meat was given cruel resignation. It is possible for this reason I could last so long.

However, I did not refuse dairy. Eggs were present on a dining table too. Only meat and fish disappeared. I learned from clever books that vegetarianism happens several types:

1. Laktoovovegetariantsa. the Most, probably, widespread type. These are people who refused only meat, but use milk and eggs. Eventually, milk is the product received from an animal who does not attract death of this animal. Earlier firm abomasal cheese could give battle. As in its preparation the maw - ventricles of calfs is used. But modern technologies allow to do without this fleecing. And eggs at us mainly netsiplenkorodny - hens carry them irrespective of existence of a rooster in a harem.

2. Lacto-vegetarians, it is clear from the name, together with vegetable food use also milk.

3. Ovovegetariantsa. In this case milk is given full resignation, but eggs are eaten.

4. Vegans or the pure vegetarians, people eating food only of a phytogenesis.

Sometimes people who do not eat meat carry to vegetarians of, but consume fish (ah, my poor zhivotinka!). One more subtype does not disdain even chicken meat provided that it will be white. However, it any more not absolutely real vegetarianism.