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Sudden cardiac arrest: an exit is found?

They say that once during scientific conference the famous cardiologist Evgeny Chazov saved life to the person who had a sudden cardiac arrest. It is similar to a miracle when in a critical situation the expert of such level is near. How to be if the similar miracle did not take place?

Statistically mortality at the sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) makes 95 percent. VOS in most cases occurs outside medical institutions. Even if the emergency medical service will keep within the time standard, then for dying it will be late. In 10 minutes after VOS resuscitation actions are not effective any more; in every minute of delay the probability that the person will survive decreases on 0,1.

Approximately in 85 percent of cases fibrillation of ventricles of heart, that is chaotic arrhythmic reductions of separate fibers of a myocardium becomes the reason of VOS. At VOS procedure of a defibrillation is necessary, and its carrying out the first minute after cardiac arrest is successful in 90 - 95 percent of cases.

Attempts to carry out a defibrillation, using an electric discharge, were undertaken in Europe with 18 - go centuries. The first successful documented case occurred on July 16, 1774. That day three-year-old Catharina Grinkhil dropped out of a window. Several minutes the girl did not give life signs. The local druggist concluded that she is dead, but suggested to try influence of electric current. Also there was a miracle: electric discharges restored work of heart, and little Catharina began to breathe.

In 1788 the member of the London Royal humanitarian society Charles Kayt offered the first model of a defibrillator. However, then for the device the name was not thought up yet.

Besides existence of the defibrillator, it people who appeared will of a case nearby have to manage to apply those. Actually it is not prepared people. Such approach is realized in the automatic external defibrillator developed by the " company; Philips .

The automatic defibrillator of HeartStart was presented in Moscow at the " exhibition; Health care - 2008 . Voice instructions in HeartStart were available also in Russian. Reporting about necessary actions, HeartStart estimates previously a condition of the patient and even reminds of a call to service of ambulance. When I approached the overseas device and tried to use it as the patient, in Pushkin`s language the phrase was heard: The Defibrillation is not required .

According to experts Philips their defibrillator HeartStart should be established in public places: at the airports and at stations, in the subway, in shopping centers, at stadiums and in culturally - entertainment complexes. The cost of one defibrillator of HeartStart makes about two thousand euros.

In Europe and the USA equipment by automatic external defibrillators of places of a mass congestion of people began with 90 - x years of the last century. It is possible to mention the Chicago airport where in 1998 - year seventy such devices were installed to m as an example. In two next years in the Chicago airport 18 people had a sudden cardiac arrest. It was succeeded to rescue 11 people. In ten cases the automatic defibrillator was successfully applied by the people who were not passing special training.

In recent years automatic external defibrillators are on sale in the west of and for house use.

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We are not surprised by the fire extinguishers which are in public rooms. These red freaks do not decorate a situation, but if something happens unprepared people (not firefighters) will be able to put out fire. They (laymans, not doctors) can save also life to the person at sudden cardiac arrest. There are only no public defibrillators in Russia. Fire extinguishers are, and there are no defibrillators. And we live...