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Alcoholism. Illness or addiction? Part 2

In last article we only began to discuss the problems connected with alcoholism, now we will consider the question connected with the beer use.

This problem resulted from our people who are actively spread and already taken root in consciousness " beer cult; The pothouse which Rushed on streets of the cities and villages river ruthlessly carries away in a non-existence of a body and soul of our compatriots. Many, characterize a modern era of a pothouse. considering passion to this drink of many citizens.

Beer - the lever on people also belongs, to it follows, as to the weapon directed against all nation in general. Its use involves a chain of the negative consequences caused by the combined toxic effect of alcohol and other biologically active agents.

Beer drink in large numbers (from - for weak concentration of alcohol in it) And receipt in an organism of considerable volume of liquid is adversely reflected in activity warmly - vascular system, kidneys.

Beer is quickly soaked up in an organism, overflows the blood course, at a large number of drunk arises a varicosity and expansion of borders of heart. Radiologists call this phenomenon a syndrome beer heart in further heart sags, becomes flabby, its function weakens. At beer alcoholic dependence cells of a brain are surprised, the intelligence weakens. At the same time drinking, have arrhythmias, the increased arterial pressure is often observed, heart rate increases, on a face vessels extend and it becomes grown fat, bloated, with characteristic bags under eyes.

The inevitable satellite of abuse of beer - the excess body weight, obesity. And as excess adjournment of fat in hypodermic cellulose at the beginning, gives to the person is deceptive a healthy look it generated, ideas of advantage of beer for health. Actually in an organism the metabolism is broken. At the long use of beer depending on specific features of an organism the sexual potentiality is broken. The last medical researches showed that at women at the use of beer frustration of a regularity of a menstrual cycle are observed.

Using beer, the person ceases to control himself, loses ability to be oneself and turns into a being before whom many doors are closed in life.

Advertizing of beer accustomed youth to a new look cultural leisure gathered - take on a small bottle. And uncertainty, shyness of the young man while he is under hmelky, are not a hindrance in communication, " any more; intoxicated has " property; to release brakes.

Each advertizing slogan about beer - a masterpiece, each action with a bang. The beer companies do not save on advertizing. It is bright, calling. Why nobody so makes out social advertizing?

The escalating hobby for the population beer, especially youth, causes the growing alarm. Doctors claim that beer alcoholism is formed quicker vodka, but is more imperceptible, beer is a launch pad on the way to a pathological addiction to alcohol.

And already today it is possible to state intellectual and physical degradation of the population as a result of the use of a large amount of beer.

So nevertheless why become alcoholics? In this respect there are many theories. Everything is reduced to the fact that the main reason of alcoholism - in living conditions its way, in education shortcomings, low level of culture, of moral instability, weak will. Disposal of addiction to alcoholic beverages in many respects depends on that, so drinking estimates that harm which it does the behavior to itself(himself), the family and society.

Alcoholism does not have a justification, and its consequences are not someone`s private affair. And therefore all have to become participants of fight against it.

Lead a healthy lifestyle! Play sports! Travel! Have actively a rest! Good luck to you and health!