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Alcoholism. Illness or addiction? Part 1

Alcoholism and its scales threatened existence of the nation today. Now drink all old, young people, children, men and women. Alcoholism was included into custom, became a standard of behavior.

It arose not today and not yesterday, and its harmful consequences do not make a secret for a long time. So why alcoholic drinks still have so wide circulation? Why people, having begun to drink, cannot stop and gradually turn into alcoholics?

Alcoholism - this problem concerns more and more number of people in the different countries every year. And still most of people have insufficiently a clear view what is alcohol and effect which it has on an organism.

Each of us saw the drunk person, a picture not from pleasant. And are not born drunkards. Narcotic properties of alcohol and ability it in an initial phase of action to cause euphoria, cheerful mood in most of people, to smooth daily cares caused its wide circulation in universal use of the majority of people of the world.

Even the small dose of alcohol negatively influences warm activity. In 5 hours after alcohol intake increase of warm reductions, increase of pressure and other changes in work of heart is observed. Alcohol harmfully affects nervous system, causes irritation of a mucous membrane of a stomach with the subsequent disease his (gastritis), affects a liver which is quite often expressed in its fatty regeneration, reduces speed of reaction, visual acuity, hearing, coordination of movements.

Warmly - vascular diseases - the most widespread in the world and in it are wine of alcohol. Alcohol provokes such diseases as a hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, a stroke, it often causes a stenocardia attack that leads to development of a myocardial infarction. Harmful influence of alcohol on a live organism is proved by numerous experiences. Doctors know well increase in hypertensive crises and strokes in holidays.

it is impossible to Take alcohol as vasodilating means. Under its influence there is a short-term expansion of vessels. However soon it is replaced to their expressed spasms that is especially dangerous to patients with a heart disease. The angiospasm comes at the use even of small doses of alcohol.

At the population the opinion was quite strongly claimed that alcohol improves appetite, even speak to drink for appetite . Alcohol strengthens release of gastric juice that promotes short-term emergence of appetite. But such active release of gastric juice leads to an inflammation mucous a stomach (to gastritis, stomach ulcer) Moreover at the frequent use of alcohol appetite is suppressed, and the person does not acquire feedstuffs necessary to an organism any more.

If the person eats food in the same hours, he will always have a good appetite.

Alcohol is quite often accepted to be warmed is a delusion. The feeling of heat after alcohol intake is connected with a temporary rush of blood to skin and expansion of blood vessels. Return is warm from such vessels much more intensively, than usually that it leads to fast cooling of an organism. Experience of northern sea expeditions showed that the sailors taking alcoholic drinks transferred cold much worse, than their teetotal companions.

Is wrong opinion that alcohol can cause inspiration on the contrary, it extinguishes it and ruins talent. Russian physiologist I. Pavlov said that alcohol causes much more grief, than pleasures though it is used for pleasure.

Alcohol it becomes frequent a cause of death. For example, at one third of the men who died from warmly - vascular diseases, the death occurred in an alcohol intoxication. Mortality at the persons having diseases of bodies of blood circulation at systematic alcohol intake is 10 times higher, than at teetotal.

Scientists with confidence note that there is a communication between alcohol and cancer. It is enough to tell that the reason of emergence of 3% of tumors at the person - alcohol. Especially the liver as it is necessary it " suffers; to overwork 95% of the drunk alcohol. The person gets sick with cirrhosis against which often there is one of the most severe forms of cancer.

By scientists it is established that even the single use of alcoholic drinks can have harmful effect on the gamete ready to fertilization, both man`s (spermatozoon) and female (ovum). Conception at the moment when at least one of parents was drunk, can lead to the birth of defective children with various defects. Such children often lag behind in mental development and suffer various nervously - mental diseases.

Alcoholism - a serious illness. The main symptom - need of the increasing doses for intoxication, that is a pathological addiction to alcohol and desire to freshen the nip

If in due time not to see a doctor, an organism collapses, the person degrades as the personality. At patients appears different types of psychoses - delirium tremens, nonsense of jealousy, etc. Deaths are frequent: in hard drinking come at poisoning with substitutes.

Alcoholism and the alcoholism generated by it even if certain citizens exerts negative impact on society in general. But most heavily it appears on the members of his family who are close adjoining to the drunkard. The family suffers as morally, and the Onset of the illness - usual - the frequent use of any alcoholic drinks is material

. Many consider that to stick they can at any time, forgetting that alcohol possesses ability to cause uncontrollable thirst for it that occurs gradually and imperceptibly.

In ancient Rome there was a custom, to young men showed slaves who were accustomed to drinking to a bestial state that was a fine lesson.

Abuse of alcohol weakens an organism in general, reduces the resilience to his infectious diseases. The infectious diseases which arose at alcoholics proceed more hard and is longer, than at teetotal people.

In our following article we will talk about influence of beer on a human body and we will try to deal with existence of beer alcoholism.