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How it is beautiful to sound? Exercises for " resonators

; Do not assume that through your speech shortcomings interlocutors painted a false picture of your abilities. Force your speech to work for you

Frank Snell

our voice - as a musical instrument which needs control from time to time. If there are no pathological changes, any voice can be made more harmonious. It will be easy to achieve it, developing nizhnereberny (fonatsionny) breath and correctly using amplifiers of a sound (resonators). Exercises for training of nizhnereberny breath are given in the article How it is beautiful to sound? . In this article we will consider several exercises for development of the top and lower resonators.

What is resonators? the Speech is the sounded exhalation. Air passes through a throat, forcing to vibrate vocal chords. At the same time there are sounds which amplify the natural speaker system - resonators. Resonators happen top and lower (chest). At the expense of the top resonators the voice gains sonority, and at the expense of lower - force and power.

of Exercise for the top resonators

by means of these exercises can correct too deaf sounding of a voice.

1. In a standing position make a short breath through a nose. Exhaling with the closed mouth, without tension you say a sound m with interrogative intonation. Try to obtain at the same time feeling of easy vibration in a nose and an upper lip.

2. Deeply inhale. Exhaling, say one of the following words: bomm bimm house Donn governesses dimm . You say the last concordant lingeringly. As well as in the first exercise try to obtain vibration around a nose and an upper lip.

3. Deeply inhale. Exhaling, lingeringly say some syllable consisting of concordants m or N in combination with various vowels (mothers, mumm, the mime, megohm, etc.) .

4. Deeply inhale. On one exhalation say at first shortly, and then lingeringly one of open syllables: mi - miiya mo - mooo mu - to a muu me - meee .

of Exercise for the lower resonators

Carrying out these exercises, try to say vowels about and at lingeringly and very deep voice. Ideally you have to feel the expressed resonating in a thorax.

1. - costing a starting position, hands on a breast. Bending forward, on an exhalation you say vowels at and about it is long and is lingering.

2. On an exhalation drawlingly you pronounce the following words: " milk; " flour; eye " window; " tin;.

3. In a standing position put a hand on a breast. Yawn with the closed mouth and detain a throat in the lower situation. On an exhalation say a sound at or about . If you do not feel vibration in a thorax, tap with her hand.

And finally I want to offer several exercises for the articulation device. The correct articulation is a guarantee of good diction and sounding of a voice. Be engaged in


of Exercise for the articulation device in front of the mirror. You watch that a forehead, the nose and eyes remained motionless. Carry out each exercise slowly and smoothly.

1. Lower the lower jaw down. Slowly move it to the right and to the left.

2. Lower the lower jaw. Move it forward and back. It needs to be done very slowly and smoothly.

3. Into the account time lower the lower jaw (having opened a mouth). Into the account two, three, four, five, six hold this situation. Close a mouth.

If to you not all the same as your voice sounds, improve it and support. These exercises do not demand a large number of time and special skills, but you are convinced of their efficiency soon!