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For what meetings with the former schoolmates are necessary?

will not argue With Abraham Lincoln: The Best part of our life consists of friends! Perhaps, owing to the affection for schoolmates, out of curiosity or it is frank for the sake of flirtation, but periodically, time in ten years, we attend meetings of the former graduates. Arguments - different: Childhood my gold, time carefree or All go or to get drunk, or with someone to oversleep And who did not come - means, to brag there is nothing! . And it seems early still to sit down at memoirs, but for some reason again and again, with nervousness and pleasure, we come back to our past. What for?

to Stay in other role. Once I carried two dark braids, today I am shortly short-haired blonde. For nervousness I confuse the year of release and I sit down with kids . I bethink late: you will not get on the heads? By the way, convenient position: I sit as Stierlitz, nobody recognizes me and does not climb with inquiries, but from height it is clearly visible my 9 And . Oksana - is also not indifferent to Dimka, Irisha - as always in clouds, but cool was weakened - not to recognize Zoya Mikhaelovna. Investigation was successful, in a break itself I will go to surprise them!

To learn new about itself.

- Well, Yul, you still read much?

My God, appears, I was for them botanist ! However, today to be the reading person is stylishly, and I with pride nod on a question with a catch.

- was Always afraid of you. One your phrase of what cost: The Talker - a find for the spy . The snow queen, in nature!

the Sir where there was your courage with which you so easily won school cycle races?

- And I remember you the terrible debater

I it is told by my favourite teacher! To answer on Russian for me was happiness, and it appears, she so did not think.

Well, is useful to take a detached view sometimes of itself and to hear feedback - though not really flatter.

To become proud of itself! Abruptly, of course, to take the business card on which by gold it is written in hand: Natalya, 1 - y the assistant to the CEO . More ridiculous that this most general - Natashkin the father. Therefore we are not surprised that she calls the driver, whimsically asks it to take away from here and constantly the diamond ring twirls on a finger. Natashka always had a reliable back. It is more pleasant to that to get the card where modestly it appears: a press - the secretary of " bank;. And the main thing, each of attendees knows that this result - personally MINE, without related insurance and big communications. Means, itself is for what to respect!

To look at life soberly. Regardless of quantity of the alcohol accepted today - peer! There is that guy, thick and boring, once with me was in love. And we dreamed to be on friendly terms with this little girl families, but now for some reason conversation is not glued. My favourite university teacher told literatures: Never come back to the childhood. It is only grief and crash of the last illusions . Also it is not necessary to lift a toast with inspiration: To meet " more often;. Do not deceive yourself. Thanks to the past that it was light and kind, but it, alas, evaporated forever.

To have a really good time! When you still will dance Dance of little ducklings or will hang on the young man`s neck from a parallel class under White roses ? To you today - again 17. So, Light! It is made in Russia!

To stay generous. to Teachers - flowers, to schoolmates - gifts. Moneyboxes, badges with their nicknames, Orange chewing gum (if you find still somewhere a rarity of your childhood!) . You are silent and to the maximum absorb information from others. They have an interesting life, is much brighter, than in some Santa - Barbara! Also disappear since evening in English, without straining anybody the presence.

To feel as the new person. Now you as if a bird the Phoenix, you will shake ashes of memoirs, will take the last cocktail from hands of the bartender (as if a figurine Oscar ), thank all and everything, you will smile and you will walk further on life. This evening was generous on surprises and emotions, opening and gifts. Thanks to Destiny for these lessons! That is, it is correctly told in Dao Ji Bai: From time to time please somebody. At least!