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What is known to fans of milk of the wet nurse - a cow?

Drink, children, milk, you will be healthy - we hear this statement since the childhood. Milk, curdled milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, oil - here not the full list of products which the animal long since called by the wet nurse gives to the person.

History says that ancient nomad tribes parted herds of cows only for the sake of meat and skins. Later, with transition to a settled way of life when agriculture began to develop, people began to put strong animals to a plow, to transport on them freights. And here about what cows, appears it is possible to milk and receive healthy food - milk, our ancestors learned about thirty centuries ago.

Ever since the cow began to be considered as one of the most esteemed pets. It was tried to be protected from any evil spirits capable to select milk. In case of an illness or an old age owners did not cut a cow, and sold. Both the actual, and conditional sale of a sick cow was perceived as magic means which promoted her recovery.

By the way, the cow played an important role and in a funeral ceremony of east and western Slavs. Our ancestors had even a custom to give the wet nurse to the priest or the poor right after a funeral. The western Slavs believed that cattle mourns death of the owner. For this reason often pets accompanied to church a coffin with his body. Meanwhile, in wedding ceremonies the cow was always associated with the woman, the bride. From here and the tradition to consider by obligatory part of a dowry of the girl this favourite pet.

Our ancestors had also a special day for honoring of a livestock. According to a national calendar that holiday is considered on February 18 - Agafya - Korovnitsa . To this date usually in lean years forages came to an end, and on the poor country yards the cow pestilence went. Here also told in old times about this time the following: The Cow to cane - not to drink milk The Cow outside - harch on a table The Domestic calf is better than an overseas cow The Peasant a skotinka is living The grandfather of a bull-calf Destroyed and a milk " missed; etc.

On a belief to protect cattle from a case, this day peasants cleaned sheds the old bast shoes impregnated with tar from which the cow death runs carelessly. If these days (on February 18 or 19) the cow brought posterity, then all shed was fumigated with a thyme that milk was useful, and the young growth grew at healthy.

Our contemporaries got used to see this animal, as a rule, only on pictures. Milk which quality sometimes leaves much to be desired is bought even more often in packages or bottles in shops. To think of that how many forces and work actually cattle breeders spend to achieve high yields of milk from the pets, residents of the cities have no time and there is no need. And much are not fated to learn the true taste of pair dairy product Alas, realities of modern reality are that.

Let today we also do not celebrate a holiday of etikhzhivotny, we do not grow up them at ourselves in economy, we do not give a cow on a wedding or a funeral, but all the same we know and we remember who gives us numerous dairy a miracle - products.

Here and in Irkutsk, for example, in due time considered necessary to establish the most real monument to a cow. To make an animal the most similar to the original, the author had to apply a huge number of time and efforts, but the result was worth it. The mammal weighing about 250 kg immortalized in the downtown, the exact copy of the most real wet nurse. There is to herself a horned beauty on the street, is pleasing to the eye of passersby, amuses kids and surprises city visitors. On a meadow, on a meadow, on a meadow are grazed to - and breaks from numerous lips.

I will tell you finally: Good luck as cows! . Do not forget about advantage of dairy products and as much as possible to you smiles in usual everyday life