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What post will rescue soul?

It is necessary to Fast to the Christian for this purpose, - St. Righteous Ioann Kronshtadsky writes, - to clear mind both to excite, and to develop feeling, and to rouse to good activity will .

Still for a long time believers voluntarily lost conveniences, pleasures, everyday comfort, opposing all a post which consisted in bows, prayful vigils, circulation on the holy sites, restriction in food and a pitiya. At all times it was considered as the best witnessing of orthodox belief.

Many believe that in modern disastrous times in Russia when they for months do not pay to people a salary and to buy even the cheapest products there is a problem for many, a post - not a subject for conversation. In this regard there is a wish to remind words of Optinsky aged men: Do not want to fast voluntarily, will fast not voluntarily .

Fight against a sin through abstention from food - here a post basis. Abstention, but not an exhaustion of a body hunger. The existing rules of observance of posts are strict, but are not categorical therefore everyone has to commensurate the forces, extent of the preparation for a post. Those who wish to observe a post have to consult initially to the skilled confessor, tell it of the spiritual and physical state and ask blessing for commission of a post.

In due time the prelate John Chrysostom wrote the following: The Post is medicine, but even the most useful medicine becomes useless if the patient does not know how to use it . That who never fasted earlier also their undertaking is already the share

of mature age, it is worth entering a postvovaniye gradually, step by step, beginning the abstention from ferial food at least on Wednesday and Friday during the whole year. Beginning to execute the precepts concerning small you will execute the precepts concerning great: small conducts to great.

True in small it is also in many respects right, and incorrect in small and in many respects (Lx. 16, 10)

That the arrangement to a post became constant and strong, it is necessary to accustom itself to it without hurrying, not at once, but gradually - gradually.

Everyone defines for itself(himself) how many for it it is necessary in days of food and drink; then gradually it is worth reducing quantity of the eaten food and to bring it to what more does not need to be reduced any more not to subject the organism to easing, an exhaustion - inability to business.

Some, without having thought, undertake to make feats a post also begin to fast too strictly. But quickly enough at them or problems with health begin, or for hunger they become impatient and irritable, they have a rage on all and everything, and the post becomes for them intolerable owing to what they throw it.

From excessive abstention and the events of exhaustion of people from it becomes incapable of spiritual feats, - the prelate Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) writes. - As incontinence is harmful, the unlimited post is so harmful (or even more). The weakness of a body coming from malnutrition does not allow to make prayers in due quantity and with a due force .

it was said by

to i Earlier that, despite all severity of a post, there are eases. So, for example, elderly, sick people, children (till 14 years), and also pregnant women are exempted from a strict post. About measures of ease it is necessary to consult to the priest.

Concerning a post, when there is no health, - the prelate Theophan the Recluse writes, - the patience of an illness and complacency during it replaces a post. Therefore all right to eat food what is required on property of treatment though it and not fast . to

higher it was told about a post corporal, but it is necessary to remember that without post spiritual there will be no rescue of soul. To pray and repent, abstain from defects and passions, to forgive offenses, to abstain from matrimonial life, to exclude pleasure and spectacular actions, viewing of the TV - here that needs to be observed besides a corporal post. Without all these restrictions, the corporal post becomes only a diet.

At a close post, - the prelate Basil the Great writes, - the belly fasts from food and drink; at a sincere post of a shower abstains from evil thoughts, affairs and words. The real post-nickname abstains from anger, rage, rage and a revenge. The real post-nickname vozderzhivat language from a prazdnosloviya, foul language, idle talk, slander, condemnation, flattery, lie and any evil tongue. In a word, the real post-nickname the one who moves away from any evil