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What it is Death? Fair and fine!

In general me are attracted by everything that is connected with death. I consider that the death is fine. It is possible to tell, I romaticize it.

I saw death with own eyes. My grandfather at thinking in the eyes died. And very suddenly, for half an hour before nothing foretold. I would wish nobody such show.

In general it is unlikely I loved someone as strongly as the grandfather, but for some reason the death of the dearest people bewitches me. Here for example there is one girl whom I consider as an angel. The Upasa My God, in thoughts was not and is not present to kill it and to be engaged with it in a necrophilia, but I think often that here she will die both I will die, and we will fly in the midnight sky or ghosts to wander about night park near a cemetery and to frighten the late lovers...

Or here everything imagined the Pale Girl - the ghost 10 - the summer Japanese who died in Hiroshima drew it. Haybane still. The girl from the movie Ales and Dzhuls . A final scene from " Titanic;.

Here in an anime nearly in two thirds - death, death, death. Even harmless things for girls - there continually tragicly someone expensive perishes. Unless in the kodomo the death is not shown so obviously, and so even Miyazaki has it. Let it is also taken out zakadr or still it is somehow shaded. I do not speak about Kayt or the Elfin song where continuous meat with blood and the death is shown very roughly and cruelly, and here for example to take literature of the 19th century - Hut of the uncle of Volume Beecher - Stou, Notes of an institutka Charskoy etc., and the anime was influenced by this prose. If to take the Japanese writers - that is Akutagava Ryunoske, Hirai Taro (Edogava Rampo), well generally here it is not necessary itt in any clubs it is ready or maniacs, any is not enough - malsk the impressionable and susceptible school student or not the school student can be subject to it. On, Wilde, further everywhere. Pushkin at least the same...

Dio runs after behind Lyussiole and exhales to him in an ear: Isn`t that so, Lyussiola, death is a surprising phenomenon?. And it is necessary to think very few people by incomplete 17 years saw death as often as it. And here a scene with rolling of eyes concerning someone`s death in the prime of life in an anime very ordinary, and the dead is mourned not so much and regret how many admire this event and build some suitsidnuvshegosya the school student in golden calves.

Also I since the childhood represented myself on the bridge of the black, decorated with white skulls ship which mere mortals consider as an embodiment of the Death. About To Silvana which was ordered by Alex Rowe, terrible legends went. You Will scent " behind the back; To Silvanus - do not turn around for anything! Told Lav to Claus about how the terrible death from the obscure reasons comprehended all who saw how Silvana came to refuel to the port nearby. And it it was not important that she sees every day witnesses of this visit on the street, all are living - are healthy. The main thing - a legend. And it was based that Silvana it was equipped with the powerful weapon by means of which could overcome any imperial cruiser, and submitted to nobody.

I dreamed to become helper Smerti that from her name to bear a penalty to all who oppress and offend weak, to keep rich men in awe, to receive a thunderous staff from Jupiter and to threaten them to the most powerful masters. Dreamed to become the Death angel, Shinigami, to receive Black Tetrat and Shinigami`s Eyes and to hold lives of people in own hand. Always loved movies about Zorro, Batman, Fantomas, well and other in the spirit of Ghost Rider . In some episodes of an anime about the racer Spidi there were different mysterious cars, usually black color, and their ominous drivers, or the car - the murderer Mellanzh, revenging for death of the owner, mysteriously the dead 10 years ago during race.

Also at us it is accepted to be afraid of those who could live after death - different vampires, the zombie. In general Smerti`s symbolics - the most frightening. Inquisitors in black deaf hoods, masters of different loggias with silver skulls on a chain, ku - kluks - klanovets in white loose overalls, different death battalions and chasteners with skulls on sleeves and cockardes...

Bradbury wrote about the different owners of ominous magic frightening people and receiving over them the power much, breathing on them Death.

Just at us many consider that they can rule over everything in this world. To specify by another their place. Or for example think that the person who him is objectionable has to clean up from eyes down with and never be where they. Even if dies or it will be locked where - nibud if only to them did not prevent to live. And about themselves they consider that they have the right to live happily. Here directly speak to me: Here such are not necessary to us. Go to the! And from where to them know what at me the and what right at them to speak so? I can the sun which is would wish to naslazhdlatsya, a fresh breeze, a rustle of foliage and singing of birds too.

But the Death comes and sorts things out. It remains the last, only and impartial judge. To it to spit what authority and the person on the earth, how many stood it money and cool friends high in esteem that he thought of himself there. Esteem Andersen. Day of moving The Girl with matches and about the brother Ole - Lukoye.

Or in due time advisers to the Pope whispered to it that Michelangelo`s pier in the Sistine Chapel draws naked bodies on walls. And the Father sharply answered: It is right! In the face of Smerti all of us will appear nude. Will not leave us any of our regalia

Therefore I consider Death only fair. For me it in general an embodiment of justice and the truth.